Using Engaging Methods To Enhance Student’s Achievement In Studies

Some parents are often seen complaining and highlighting the same issues which are observed in every household, by every parent. Students are unable to produce better results up to the standards set by the school management and in some cases, the parents themselves. Your teen might be in the entanglement of some obsessive disorder, or might be doing it on purpose, but there are ways that can enhance their interests and positive engagement in studies if parents and teachers decide to join hands through the compromising principle. That is why, teachers and the school based administration have decided to increase the student’s engagement with the help of proper change in the school environment. Several researchers and essential management or supervisions have decided on various techniques that are widely known and are productive in their approach. This includes changes in the method of delivering a lecture, including playful activities for younger kids, change in the employment mythology, reconsiderations of various teachers and lastly changing the school curriculum. The concept of positive engagement in terms of students is highly vague; it is defined as the sole isolation of students and their devotion for the purpose of mere attainment of success. For them, intense dedication of time as well as effort is seen and observed. When students talk about their engagement in studies, being studious, in other words is considered as its synonym. Students are involved when they believe and care about the quality of work as for them, it is of essential value. Increased allotted time in terms of studying and carrying out academic activity results in more success and triumph. Hence, teachers need to be more vigorous in terms of shaping and molding the classroom environment and atmosphere that can indulge more students to be involved in education.

Change in the Educational Scenario

As a teacher, it is your responsibility to mold the scenario in accordance with challenges. Try to create a discussion based classroom, fill lectures with incoming questions as they can allow the minds to think quickly. Make students feel comfortable and welcoming when they have a question in mind. Make sure to encourage a debatable discussion that can lead towards a thinking approach.

Multi-dimensional Approach

Make sure to induce a multi-dimensional approach to satisfy the educational needs of your student. To remain out of monotony, try not to limit yourself and the students to a curricular book. Make sure you are allowing them to browse the internet. Bring some movies, videos and audios as well that are relevant to the lectures as it can enhance creativity as well.

Instructional Strategies

This involves the process of collaborative learning as well as doing experimental work related to the project. If you have taught a theory, make sure you are helping the students by giving them practical projects related to the theories. As it is through practice that the learning process is faster and quicker. Group learning should be encouraged; as different minds together will be able to work well in article writing and other written activities as well.

Offer Proper Assistance

Lastly, as a teacher, you are the responsible guardian of your students within the classroom. If your students are unable to grasp the concepts and lectures delivered by you; it is your duty to make your students comprehend a particular case. Allocate extra time when the lectures end so that questions can be discussed.

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Felicia Adams is a renowned architect, she obtained her Master’s degree in architecture where she learned to refine her creative skills. She is also a teacher in different universities and is positively aiding at Essay Tigers. She also acts as a counselor for career guidance. She is widely respected among her students. In her spare time, she loves to read novels and comics. Peoples can follow here at Facebook-Twitter-Gplus.

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