Hacks to Get More Customers For Your Auto Repair Shop

Hacks to Get More Customers For Your Auto Repair Shop

If you run an auto repair shop, you already know that it is not about just sitting back and waiting for customers to come in. Yes, you may have some regular customers, but one needs to have something unique or different to bring in new customers. It is not about doing something extraordinary, but there must be little things that you are missing out on.

Fortunately, it isn’t too complex to devise a plan that’ll increase your customer base.

With just a few hacks (if done right), you can get a surge in your repair shop’s foot traffic and attract a lot of new customers. We understand that you don’t have all day to get the ball rolling, so it’ll take a minimum of your time to implement these tips.

After a comprehensive survey, we’ve listed down a few hacks that’ll ensure your customer engagement and growth. So, without further ado, let’s get into those.

Go for Coupon Advertising

Who doesn’t like to have discounts on maintenance repairs? Ideally, no one!

Therefore, offering coupons for your repair shop advertisement is a good way for high-exposure of your services. It is also a low-cost tactic to stay on people’s minds, and it keeps on reminding your existing customers about the excellent yet budget-friendly service you provide.

To get started with coupons, below are some options that you can use:

  • Half-off in car oil change
  • Buy an emission/safety test and get a free oil change
  • Get a repair service worth 50$ and get a free car wash
  • 20% off on tire rotation with the purchase of new tires
  • Flat 25% off on tune-ups – Valid on Mondays only
  • Show your student ID and get 10% off on the overall bill

The key to making these coupons perform best is getting them in the right hands. Partner with any nearby grocery store and get your offers printed on the back of grocery store receipts. It is one way of letting people know about your offer. Also, you can paste flyers or hand them over to students outside their college. Distribute brochures in a parking area or where you think your target audience visits.

Going for coupon advertisements not only hyper-targets local customers you want to attract but also fits into virtually any auto shop marketing budget. So, it is a win-win situation.

Promote Referrals with Gift Cards

Everyone likes gifts and discounts, especially when someone tells about a quality service they’ve already used. One way is by asking your customers to bring in a new friend and get 50% off an oil change.

It is the best way to spread word of mouth, which is one most effective ways to bring in new prospects with minimum effort. All you have to do is incentivize your existing customers, and they’ll bring new customers to your repair shop. Also, introduce the concept of gift cards. Add it to your auto repair shop software and present it to the customer when they come in for a service. Gift cards typically work best during the holiday season or any other promotional times.

Do not wait for the customers to ask for a gift card because they don’t know if you have a gift card program or not. Slip the word gift card while getting the payment. Do it like:

“Hey, so are you paying with cash or credit card, or do you have our gift card?”

Yeah, you nailed it. Keep going and use these gift cards to your benefit with an engaging check-out communication. Thank the customer dearly, and wish them a good day!

Print these gift cards on beautiful small cards and suggest customers buy them for their friends and family.

Send Follow-Ups and Review Reminders

For local businesses like auto repair shops, being on top of the search results is difficult. Also, in this highly competitive digital age, there are thousands of people offering quality repair services. In this case, how to ask people to come to you?

It’s easy. No matter where you are operating or your business scale, your positive reviews will work like a magnet to bring in new leads. Yeah, it works! So, use your existing customers in this process. Whenever a person leaves your repair shop after getting a car repair service, ask them about their experience within a day or two. Call them or send a follow-up email to get their feedback.

You can also add a dedicated link to a platform or your website where users can write reviews about you. Therefore, training your team to request reviews from clients after service can be a powerful way to increase your search engine rankings.

Also, outside the digital world, paste little stickers on customers’ windshields. They are undoubtedly great reminders for them to come back for the next scheduled service. In this way, you are unconsciously marketing to your customers without them even realizing it. It will be helpful in both ways because they simply think you are reminding them about the next oil change or tire rotation.

Engage on Social Media

Get yourself globally recognized with social media. You must be running your business pages on social media, so it’s time to use them to get new leads. Besides informing your customers about your opening hours and service charges, you can use these platforms to deliver both informative and engaging content.

You don’t need to be on all the social media channels. In fact, find out which platform has the most related audience, and then start posting on it. After that, you can create informative content that your customers would love to read. It shouldn’t be related to technical repairs only. It can be anything about technology, the latest driving rules, or anything. Such as:

  • Driver safety tips
  • Weather conditions and car maintenance guides
  • Traveling checklist for vehicles
  • New models of cars
  • Customer appreciation stories
  • Car fairs or events happening around
  • Advice on buying used cars
  • Offer specials and coupons for likes and shares

Get Started!

If you want to grow and be more popular in the community, you need to push yourself a bit more. Existing customers will definitely keep your business running, but new customers can always raise your profit margins. And there’s only one way to do it. Show that you are the best. Good luck!

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