Building Back Links using Forums

Back link building through participation in forums can be quite a lot of fun and very beneficial as well. If you happen to have or own your own web site then you fully appreciate and understand the need as well as the importance of back links. Back links are very important and they help in search engine rankings. Back links give your web site the thumbs up when it comes to search engines and it instructs them that your web site has very good and highly relevant content which is worth looking at.

Forums are a great place to discuss and bounce ideas off each other. Most forums have a lot of hot topics on discussion and if you think there are no forums related directly or indirectly to your topic or niche then you are wrong and totally mistaken. A Google search will show that there is a forum on your topic or niche. Once you have identified and found the kind of forum you have been looking for there some simple and easy steps that you can follow to fully maximize and utilize your back links building process for your web site.

  • First Step: Become a member of a niche forum

The first thing you must do is become a member of a niche forum, once you have identified and found a forum that relates and pertains to your web site nicely you should then sign up and join it. Fill in the relevant and necessary info that is required do not skip the profile area of the form since it is very important and crucial. The basic profile info will help you embed and really ingrain yourself in the group, make contacts, find friends as well as vastly increase your chances of building back links since people will start following you.

  • Second Step: Be very conversant in the forum

Become very active in the group and participate extensively, comment and express your views and opinions on the various group discussions. Do not be afraid to add your comments on the different topics and discussions. Remember that in each and every new discussion or topic you participate in, will give you an opportunity to attach your back link.

As you grow in confidence and you become more comfortable, start and initiate your own topics and discussions. Do not hesitate to post questions and comments and keep talking and interacting with other group and forum members.

  • Third Step: Filling your signature

After you have participated and commented in a lot of topics and discussions you will be allowed to sign, which is filling in your unique signature. This is mostly done for large forums and your back link will be located where you have signed.

When signing try to balance out interesting information and insightful info with your back link to encourage and entice people and members to visit and click your web site. This will give your back link an advantage over other ordinary back links. This should increase your web site traffic.

  • Fourth Step: Aim to be sticky

Finally you must come up and create very good content and material that is not only powerful but also very sticky. The material should be a sticky post or comment and this will keep people glued and they will be attracted to you. Obviously this will happen over night it may take some time but eventually you get it right and you will write a very nice guide on your favorite niche.

A very good and well written sticky post or comment stays right at the top of most discussions and it will generate thousands of hits and views as it becomes a must read for both old and new members. Once your comments, posts and links become forefront runners in the forum, you will get a lot of traffic and it all be due to your back links.

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