A 7 Step Guide To Keeping Your Winter Garden Clean and Tidy

Winter. It can cause havoc on your home and garden. Keeping a tidy garden in the dead of winter can seem like an impossible dream. But, there are some simple ways that you can keep your garden clean and tidy all year round. You don’t have to suffer the detriment of a frost or snow any longer.

Here is how you can achieve this in seven easy steps:

Step 1: Clear Paths and Keep them Clean

Okay, brushing up leaves on a weekly basis may seem like a nonsensical task. But, by making away leaves and sweeping paths you are ensuring that you don’t have a neglected look in your garden. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about decomposing leaves on your paths. This can leave your pathway slippery. Of course, this can be something of a burden if you fall over. Make sure that you sweep up pathways on a weekly basis. If the temperature is not freezing, use a little soapy water and brush the path to keep it clear of dirt and debris.


Step 2: Look After Your Shrubs

Shrubs and plants take on jungle-like proportions during the winter. It’s important to make sure that you don’t let your garden become a green wilderness. Clip back trees, shrubs and bushes on a monthly basis. Do ensure to keep stems a minimum optimum height. This will encourage new growth in the spring. What’s more, your garden will look more aesthetically pleasing during the long winter months.

Step 3: Make Lighting a Priority

Kichler outdoor lighting is a must. This will add more security to your home in during the dark winter nights. What’s more, it will also ensure that your home is radiated in a lovely glow. Lighting is an essential part of the aesthetic appearance of any garden. It’s both practical and beautiful.

A 7 Step Guide To Keeping Your Winter Garden Clean and Tidy

Step 4: Add Mulch

Mulch can be an excellent way of keeping your garden looking fresh during the winter months. It can keep weeds at bay. But, it can also provide nutrition to the soil. Once spring and summer come around, you will have a rich environment for growing plants. After all, the rain and frost of winter can leave gardens lacking nutrition. Make sure that you apply mulch. It’s akin to feeding your garden.

Step 5: Keep Glassware Tidy

The greenhouse can look a little sad during the winter. Keeps the glass looking fresh and clean by spraying it with a hose? Make sure that grime is lifted and keep on top of this on a monthly basis. It’ll be much easier to keep tidy once summer comes round.

A 7 Step Guide To Keeping Your Winter Garden Clean and Tidy

Step 6: Gravel Raking

The elements can play havoc on gravel. So, make sure that you rake gravelly areas to redistribute the gravel more evenly. Don’t do this when the ground is frosty, as you will end up with ‘clumps’ of gravel in certain areas.

Step 7: Get Composting

Much like mulching, compost is vital for your garden’s growth. But, don’t spray the lawn with compost. Just spray compost of your flower beds and borders

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