Sicilia Outlet Village – Fashion Center Of Catania

Speaking about shopping in Sicilia, there are two worthy cities: Palermo and Catania. Palermo is considered to be the biggest city of an island. As a matter of fact, the shopping opportunities are wide. The main shopping streets are Via Ruggero Settimo, Via Liberta and Via Vittorio Emanuele. You can find all famous boutiques here. This is a chance to buy clothes, decorations, jewelry and many other things. The biggest trade center in the city is Forum Palermo. Want more? Welcome to Dell’ Oglio – big shopping mall that is considered to be the oldest shopping center in Sicilia.

The second comfortable city for shopping is Catania. We are not going to speak about shopping streets and big and small shopping centers now. Pay attentions to the most popular and best visiting shopping place, the center of fashion clothes and jewelry – Sicilia Outlet Village. This is the place of wide choice and attractive prices. There is another big shopping center – Centro Sicilia. It is situated 15 minutes far from the city airport. It is better to hire a car in Catania and get to one or another shopping place in a moment. You can find exclusive clothes of popular brands and beginners.

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As you can see, Catania is full of interesting boutiques and shopping centers. This is the reason why Catania is called Sicilian Milan. More than 5 millions of tourists come to Sicilia. This island in Mediterranean Sea is not only fashion center of Sicilia but unique place, popular of its climate, clean beach line, rich history, cultural heritage, friendly people, interesting cuisine and…exclusive shopping.

Sicilia Outlet Village

Forget about Milan! Want to buy fashion clothes and stylish jewelry? Welcome to Sicilia! You can find clothes of different brands and collection here. The heart of an island is Enna province. This is the place, where popular shopping village – Sicilia Outlet Village is situated. All shops, restaurants, entertaining establishments, play grounds, beauty salons, big parking are gathered together in the Village.

More than 120 boutiques work in this place. New and new shops appear every day. Are you looking for ultra-fashion brand shops from Hogan and Pollini? Maybe, you want to find such world popular brands as Gucci, Versace and Dolce Gabbana. You are offered to buy women and men clothes, accessories. The prices are attractive in summer during the sales season.

Sicilia Outlet Village: Family Friendly Shopping

Travelling with the whole family, Sicilia Village is obligatory place to visit in your visiting list. The big choice of kids’ wear, toys, accessories and play grounds is waiting for you. Mothers and fathers can go shopping while their kids are busy in the play zone under the care of teachers, animators. As a rule, shopping is long and exhausting event for your family. Obviously, you have to eat something after shopping marathon. Take your family to one of many food court restaurants. The dishes of Sicilian cuisine, desserts, cocktails and local wines are worth trying.

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Italy is agricultural country. The most of Sicilian cafes and restaurants uses local fresh products for cooking. So, you have a great chance to participate the new modern cuisine flowing – cucina a chilometro zero. What is it? It means that your food must be fresh, taken from the country where you eat. It sounds healthy, is not it?

Additional Services

You can easily get to the Village from any part of the city. It takes you no more than half an hour, following the main Sicilian road А19 from Palermo, Catania or Syracuse. You can also use free buses that are coursing from the big cities to the Village place. There is a route on the web of one or another city and bus company. Want more additional services? You can use Tax Free point, big parking for 3 000 parking places, parking-camping for campers, play-rooms for kids, rental car services, storage room, touristic informational center, taxi service and others.

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Not Only for Shopping

You should come to the territory of outlet not only for shopping. There is a chance to participate fashion show, concert of Italian music, art shows and exhibitions. You can see the creative masterpieces, where all pictures are made of old jeans. You can learn interesting and unique technics of drawing and sculpturing. In short, this is what we usually call must seen!

Coming to Enna, never miss your chance to learn the province from side to side. There is a calendar of local holidays. What do you prefer? Do you want to visit food feast or traditional street holidays? Do not forget that Enna is a city of antique mosaics. Il Duomo di Enna is a unique monument of the 14th century made of baroque style. This is the bright example of Sicilian baroque. Villa Romana del Casale was included into the list of UNESCO heritage. The landscapes of hills and valleys of the central Sicily attract people from all over the world.

Enna province includes 8 lakes. One of them is Pergusa – the only one natural lake of Sicily. You can find a big motordrome around it. Agira is one of Enna cities. The legend says that ancient city was founded before the Troic War has begun. You can find information about this city from the myths and legends of Ancient Greece.

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Going shopping in Sicilia you should consider two important points. Firstly, if you do not want to spend much money for shopping, do not go to the first shop or shopping center on your way. It is wasting money. First of all, it is better to visit the local markets. Italians like visiting markets because of cheap prices. Secondly, you can use shopping-guide services. These are people, who know everything about shopping in different territories. Guide is a great opportunity to save money, find interesting clothes and save much time. By the way, the shopping-guide service is not expensive.

It does not matter where to go. Remember that Milan is not the only one place for shopping in Italy.

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