Getting A Leak Free Home With A Waterproof Bathroom

waterproof bathroom

There are times when during the monsoons you find water seepage, water leakage and damp walls in your bathroom. This situation can be the breeding ground for molds and mildews so you need to hire competent bathroom waterproofing solutions to keep the bathroom moisture-free and dry. The hidden moisture then damages the structure from within that will involve expensive repairs in the future. The bathroom is one critical area that is always wet by nature and only a professionally done waterproof bathroom is ideal for any sized property.

Getting A Leak Free Home With A Waterproof Bathroom

Taking Care at the Beginning

The best way to have the waterproof bathroom is to take care of it right from the initial stages when it is being constructed by the use of the waterproofing material as the base.

  • The use of the waterproof membrane treatment on the walls and the floor is the professional approach to getting the place waterproofed for life.
  • The edges and the corners are first sealed with the silicone that does not cause damage to the waterproofing material. The polyfab bandage also known as the bond breaker is also applied over the joints especially the drains and the outlets.
  • Over this, the waterproofing liquid or the sheet membrane is applied over the surface of the constructed walls and the floor that is then left to settle down for a couple of days to have the best waterproofing effect.

Getting A Leak Free Home With A Waterproof Bathroom

At the Time of Construction

Despite the fact that the wet area of any property occupies even less than ten percent of the total space on the property, it is this area that leads to the incurring of the largest maintenance cost. Having a good waterproof bathroom from the beginning can help in eliminating such deadly costs later. Care should be taken from the time of casting the floor itself to give it the adequate drop so that there is no water accumulation.

Waterproofing is not an ornamental task and it stops serious forms of leakage:

  • Having a waterproof bathroom involves more than any cosmetic changes that can only be temporary measures that will wear out in the long run. In case you cannot afford a total renovation then the use of the sealing material at the appropriate places also helps for the time being. Most bathrooms are likely to have tiles and stones that are laid over the walls and the floor, and it is crucial to fill in the gaps between them with the proper sealant to prevent any leakage.
  • Most leakage in the bathrooms takes place in the tub or the shower area that is wetter than the other parts, and it is important to check the floors and ensure that they are free from any crack or crevice that might lead to major forms of water seepage.
  • The area around the basin is also another crucial area that needs to be taken care checking every corner and joint and sealing them with the waterproof material.

The choice of Materials

The selection of the material that you use for giving the final lining to your designer bathroom like the stones and the tiles will have a good say in getting a waterproof bathroom in your property. Bathrooms should be made as impervious as possible and any use of porous materials should be avoided.

Even if you land up making use of the travertine marble, the joints and the edges should be properly sealed to say nothing percolated through to damage the main structures beneath. It is better to consult with reputed and expert bathroom waterproofing companies, as this is not the work of a plumber, and you need to have the right professionals with the right tools to carry on with the task of waterproofing.

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