Going Abroad vs Staying Near Home – What’s Your Choice This Summer

For many people, as soon as Christmas is over it’s time to think about planning that summer holiday. Unless, of course, you started planning it as soon as you came back from the last one. There are of course a number of things that you will need to think about before you finalize those plans; budget dates for your holiday and of course the all-important decision of where you would actually like to take your holiday. Whether you have been looking at caravan sites North Wales, or would prefer to stay in a hotel or a bed and breakfast there is the ideal choice for the holiday out there just waiting for you. Here, we take you through the options.

Sun, Sand, Sea

For many people, the major attraction of a holiday abroad is, of course, the sun. This is usually followed by a desire to spend time relaxing on a beautiful sandy beach and going in the sea to cool off, or of course lounging by the pool in a hotel. And while it might be true that other countries enjoy warmer and usually more consistent summers than we do here in the UK, we certainly can have some amazing weather here and the plus side it usually cools down enough at night that you can be comfortable trying to get to sleep.

We also have some pretty fantastic beaches; from the Jurassic coast with its beautiful sandy beaches and fossil strewn coves to the many small sandy beaches that are dotted all over the coast of Wales. The sea might be a little more bracing, but the abundance of rockpools we have more than make up for the chilly water.

Journey Time

With journeys through the channel tunnel taking just 35 minutes, it is possible to be in Northern France, Belgium or even the Netherlands within a very reasonable time frame. If you are looking to go further afield there are more and cheaper flight companies that operate out of the numerous regional airports all over the UK; you are no longer limited to flights from Edinburgh, Manchester or even Heathrow and Gatwick, making flying abroad even easier.

However, air travel can be subject to significant delays, especially in the peak holiday season when everyone has decided to fly, and the airports can be especially busy. Of course, we aren’t saying that you won’t hit the occasional traffic jam in the UK but there are always plenty of places en-route where you can break your journey, and this can be very appealing, especially if you have small children with you.


It’s a wonderful experience to visit new areas and sample different foods and take in the local culture, and you certainly get that with a holiday abroad, but when the weather is too hot it can be really tempting to just relax on the beach and in the end, and you never really explore. If you have never really explored closer to home, then you may be missing out on some truly fantastic experiences. The UK has a wealth of stunning scenery, and places of historical interest that are well worth the visit, and the advantage is they are all on your doorstep just a short journey away from home. 

If you haven’t considered a holiday at home, then maybe it is time to take a chance and see what you have been missing. Spending time together and making memories is the most important part of any holiday so take a look closer to home this year and make plenty of extra special memories.

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