Make Your Own labels With The Warehouse Label Designer

The inventory management software which has the most features in the industry has become highly popular because of it variable price range. Each plan and price tag is targeted at the particular requirements of a specific customer. The customers are allowed to choose the plan they would prefer for their businesses which has made the solution affordable to everyone. Both cash rich companies and companies that have very low cash flow can benefit equally from the different plans and their related prices.

Designing item labels

The application can be directly downloaded and installed on the customer’s computer. The instruction manual for using the programs is directly downloadable also. With the help of the instructions a user can immediately start working with the programs of the application to create warehouse, list of items in each warehouse, and documents that are required to be kept for each warehouse. One of the features that can be used to identify each item is the Warehouse Label designer option. You can create the label for the item which contains a variety of information for tracking the movement of the item. You should have at least one item in the warehouse for creating a label.

Using the designer

The application offers readymade templates for creating labels. But if you want to design one of your own the “Label designer” in the “Items” option of the Main Menu has to be invoked to launch the Warehouse Label designer. The designer can be launched in three different ways. The first method is to click on “Items” and then on “Label designer” to open the “Labels Template Editor” window. The second method is to mark the items for which labels are to be created and then choosing the “Labels” option from the toolbar. The third process is to open the “Goods received” window and carry on from there.

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