Looking To Enroll Your Child In The Best CBSE School In Bangalore? Here’s How You Can

CBSE curriculum is the most renowned curriculum followed in most of the schools. In India, most of the parents prefer CBSE for their children because with various options it is easier to get admissions and in case of transfers, shifting to another city will also be easy. The syllabus is also easy for the children to study and score good marks in exams. Not only in metro ot Tier 1 cities, but also in suburban and small towns CBSE curriculum is being followed.

However, with huge number of options, it becomes difficult to search for the best schools among all for the children. Are you also finding it difficult to enroll your child in the best CBSE schools in Bangalore? Here we have categorised a few important facts to add in your checklist during your search.

  • Distance: The most important thing when you are looking for any school is to see how far it is from your home. Sending your children far away is a waste of time and also results in poor health of your child. By the time he returns, he is all tried to participate in any other work and with time becomes dull.  So check the distance of the school from your home and whether it provides transportation facility to your area for easy conveyance.
  • Ambience: You need to check the ambience of the school to see if your child feels positive everyday. A bad environment will encourage building up of negativity in your child. Surroundings should be beautiful scenic and with greenery to bring a positive vibe in your children.
  • Teaching Methodology: Generally NCERT books and theoretical teaching methodology by CBSE. Its syllabus is quite easier when compared to ICSE, IB or IGCSE curriculum and is scoring as well. The best CBSE schools in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi and other urban cities following CBSE pattern believes in making children intelligent and top scorers.
  • Extracurricular activities: Only study and no play will make a child dull and lethargic. Physical fitness and being active is important for a child’s growth. Basic extra curricular activities for the students will help them become familiar of activities like dance, music, art, sports and more.
  • Infrastructure:Spread over huge acres of land, they have a beautiful ambience all around. Between the scenic beauties of nature, they give the children best facilities like swimming pool, playground, huge campus ground a building worth a sight and lot more. Amphitheatres and digital classrooms give a better exposure to the students towards learning.
  • Past Results: A school’s’ academic result speaks about its performance. If you want the best for your child then you need to check the past results and how well the alumni is doing in their life.
  • Parents Feedback: Other parent’s feedback also plays a vital role in your decision making. A positive feedback will lead you to enroll you child while a negative comment will guide you to search more. Afterall choosing the best school is very important for a better future of your child.

You can have the above mentioned features in your checklist and enroll your child in any of the best schools of your city.

Sheetal is a blogger, a book lover and wanderlust. She is an MBA in Media Management and has done her Bachelors in Mass Communication and Video Production. She is a shopaholic, an aesthete and an amateur photographer. She comes with a motto of write, eat and travel in her life.

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