What Are Door Hangers Printing and How Are They Useful?

Printing of door hangers is becoming very popular these days. This is why companies into printing of door hangers are mushrooming all over. These companies offer very good discounts and offer good affordable printing solutions that can be very beneficial for the door hangers. This article talks about what is printing of door hanger and also its various uses.

Understanding a Door Hanger and its Printing

A door hanger is a sign that can be hung outside a door to convey a specific message. These messages can be of various kinds and door hangers can be made of either plastic or cardboard and depending on the need they can be of various shapes and sizes. They are cut in a specific shape to hang on the knob of the door.

The door hanger printing is becoming very popular because generally people want large number of door hanger signs and printing is a cheap and good quality way to get a large number of similar door hangers. Most of the times the hotels, hospitals and even large offices buy these door hanger signs in bulk. The modern day printing ensures that these signs are all of good quality, uniform and are delivered quickly.

Uses of Printing Techniques Door Hangers

Door hangers are very useful in the modern day and given below are some of the uses.

  1. Conveying a ‘do not disturb’ message

A door knob hanger can be used to convey a do not disturb message. This message is generally put up outside hotel rooms by guests who do not want to be disturbed by the hotel staff. It is a very popular sign in the hospitality industry. Even otherwise a door hanger can be used to convey a ‘cleaning in progress’ message when the hotel staff is cleaning the hotel room. A lot of hospitals also provide these signs so that specific messages about the requirements of the room can be conveyed to the hospital medical staff. With the modern printing a large number of such signs can be ordered in bulk.

  1. Advertisements for products and services

A door hanger can be used in a lot of other ways – for example advertisement of a particular product. A door hanger has enough space to put in a small advertisement. Since these are also used frequently by guests the recall value of the advertisement is also very high. The printing of door hangers ensures that high quality door hangers are printed and used by the hotel staff. These products and services can either be third party or can be of the hotel’s own offering.

  1. Conveying rules and regulations

Since the door hangers are used specifically by the customers to convey messages to the hotel/hospital staff, therefore any message printed on these has a high recall value. This is why a lot of the hotels use this to advertise their own rules and regulations. These can be related to the general stay or even to the usage of the sign.

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