Top Reasons Why Everyone Loves Indian Weddings

Everyone loves Indian weddings. Indian weddings could be great fun, the food is incredibly delicious and you could hang around with cousins, friends, and other close relatives. You get immense opportunities for good pictures to upload on your Facebook or Instagram account. A few days before the wedding you would be running around finalizing the fittings of your wedding attire, there would be countless trips to the salon and work-out sessions to look slim and beautiful.

Indian weddings seem to be incomplete without loads of fun, food, dance, music and band baja. Be it the Sangeet night or the Baarat there would be professional DJs and celebrity performers. You would be dancing to the beat of incredibly pulsating music. Indian weddings are an extended affair with three to four days of celebrations and memories to cherish all your life. Sangeet, Mehendi, Haldi, are some of the ceremonies that call for hardcore entertainment.

Everyone seems to love Indian weddings including the foreigners. Indian weddings are supposed to be surreal. Everyone seems to be awestruck by the elaborate celebrations involved in a big fat Indian wedding. The vibrant colors and the unadulterated fun make Indian weddings a real treat for everyone’s eyes. Here are some prominent reasons why Indian weddings are so popular and much-loved.

Multiple Fun-filled Events

Indian wedding could go on for a week if you wish to stretch the celebrations. Usually, three main events are there that you could not ignore, Mehendi, sangeet and of course, the baarat. Indian weddings are known for excellent food, stunning designer clothes, glittering gold and diamond jewelry, and colorful ceremonies. This could be a mind-blowing experience and you would cherish the memories all your life. An Indian wedding seems to be like an extended party. The Mehndi ceremony is all about the bride and the ladies in her family getting those beautiful and intricate henna designs on mostly their palms and feet. Sangeet involves a lot of music, dance, and food. Professional performers and celebrity musicians for events are hired to entertain the guests. The main wedding ceremony includes a reception and a cocktail hour.

The Vibrant Colors

An Indian wedding is known to feature vibrant celebratory colors. Tons of sparkling jewelry and colorful outfits are the hallmarks of a quintessential Indian wedding. Neutrals are strictly to be avoided. Eye-catching colors and designs are just right for an Indian wedding. The splash of colors leaves everyone spellbound.

The Stimulating Music

Traditional Indian weddings will feature classical music from sitars, harmoniums and tablas, and the pompous beat of the dhol. It is the 21st century, though, and most modern weddings feature live bands, Bollywood celebrity performers, and DJs playing the latest foot-tapping hits from India as well as the West.

Mind-blowing Dance Numbers

The huge, coordinated dance numbers in Bollywood films seem almost too good to be true, but it turns out they aren’t! You’d be surprised to see how many people break into a perfectly harmonious dance when music breaks out. An undying and immensely entertaining Indian wedding tradition is the Punjabi folk dance called Bhangra. Choreographers are hired in the weeks leading up to the marriage so that the bride, groom and pretty much everyone involved is ready to pull out some top-notch moves on the big days. Everyone loves the baarat dance and no one can stay away from dancing on the Sangeet night.

Amazing Food

Different food would be served in different Indian wedding ceremonies. No wedding is complete without samosas and pakodas as starters, without pulao and naan in the main course or without the mouth-watering kulfi as dessert. There would be a broad spectrum of authentic Indian cuisine that would surely leave your taste buds totally pampered. Modern Indian weddings are known for having a multi-cuisine menu. There would be separate counters for Mexican food, Chinese food, Continental food, Italian food, Indian food and so on.


An Indian wedding is an opportunity for rejoicing and merrymaking. It is a time to reconnect with friends and family and regaining touch with your loved ones. Love is in the air. There are many types of love. Parents and children demonstrate their deep love for each other. There is a strong bond that is demonstrated towards your siblings, friends, and cousins. Of course, romance is in the air. The romantic love between the bride and the groom is the chief cause for the celebrations. An Indian wedding is certainly a great time and opportunity for promoting harmony and unity.

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