Why You Need A Food Scale

One of the uses for a scale that has become more and more popular in the last few years is the food scale. With the ever more trending message of getting fit and healthy, people are taking it seriously and understanding that portion plays a huge part in how you lower or maintain a healthy weight. When it comes to portion, nothing beats weighing for accuracy.

The best kitchen and food scales will measure items to at least hundredths of a unit – be it ounces, grams, pounds, etc. The weight mechanisms within these scales are that precise. Weighing ingredients means that you get exactly what they believe you should get, rather than the more imprecise forms of measurement that come from containers or even worse – guestimating.

If you are trying to watch your weight, then weighing your food portions is essential. You might think that your cereal bowl is a portion, but in reality it is probably more like two or even three actual portions of the dry ingredient of cereal you should be getting. Measuring that cereal on your handy food scale means you will take in just the number of calories you are counting on, and no more.

Why You Need A Food Scale

If you love baking, flour can be your friend or your enemy. If you are using a food scale to measure the flour your recipe calls for, then you’ll find flour is your friend pretty much every time. If you’re using a measuring cup, you might not be so lucky. This is because things like moisture, humidity, and aeration play a part in how flour interacts with other ingredients for whatever you are baking. The way to even this variable out is to measure accurately using a scale.

Once you start paying attention to the weight of things as your measurement, you quickly become addicted to being able to know precisely what you are taking in. Some will tell you, for example, that a piece of cheese as big around as your finger and as long as one knuckle is approximately 1 ounce. Well, I’m here to tell you there is a big difference in the fingers of a 6’1″ man and a 5’1″ woman. There is just no way to really be accurate with that type of eyeball guestimate.

The food scale is the way to equalize or normalize your portions. It is certainly no harder than any other type of measurement – especially when you get used to using it. The models of food scales range from small cup-type styles with a small plastic base to programmable digital models that can even give you additional information like nutritional values. When picking the food scale that is right for you, go for the one that fits your budget, has a viewing port that shows you the numbers in a size that you can easily see, and that has a cup or plate that will accommodate the type of ingredients or food items you will most likely measure on a regular basis.

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