Apple iPhone 6S With iOS 9: Coming In Mid 2015

Apple already released its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus in September 2014. These gadgets created a niche in the market because all the features and the specifications are made from the advanced technology. Apple’s next release is going to be iPhone 6S, which incorporates advanced operating system, iOS 9. The Apple iPhone 6S will be released on September 2015. The previous iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C were released on September 2013. The iPhone 5 released on the September 2012 and iPhone 4S launched on the October 2011. However, it is possible that Apple is about to be release the iPhone 6S on September 2015. Apple is going to release this iPhone 6S with the new and advanced software and the hardware. Apple’s products have secured top place in the market and so the people have great expectation about the iPhone 6S.

Apple iPhone 6S with iOS 9 Coming In Mid 2015

Design And Display

People are expecting this Apple iPhone 6S to have 4.7 display as its display size. The iPhone 6S display could cover around edges of a Smartphone in the same way as Samsung galaxy Note Edge. The sidewall displays of iPhone 6S will be very interactive or may touch sensitive of portions, provide access into a slide to the unlock feature, messaging readout, music player of controls, system controls, caller ID and more others. The Apple iPhone 6S will be much durable via a use of the new materials including Liquid metal and sapphire glass. Apple is planning to give 3D pressure sensor for iPhone 6S successor display, which means to bring force technology to its Apple iPhone 6S as well as it going to release its iPhone 6S with the iOS 9 because it is an advanced technology operating system. The iOS 9 operating system is fresher to Apple iPhone and these iOS 9 will perform several tasks beyond Apple iPhone Fans expectation. This iPhone 6S would perform very fast and it would be weightless when compared to the previous version of iPhone.

Features And Specification

The Apple iPhone 6S the successor would have bigger camera and also it would have dual lens system which could allow the Apple users to easily capture the DSLR quality imagery. Apple suggests that the large improvements would have been made to iPhone 6S camera. The Apple iPhone 6S successor processor would have A9 processor and its chip will be manufactured by using 14nm FinFET technology, these advanced technologies will provide 20 percent more power as well as 35 percent less energy for each iPhone user. The A9 processor is very efficient when compared to the A8 processor. The battery life for the iPhone 6S will be more. The charging type of the iPhone 6S successor will include wireless charging and the reversible of USB charger. Apple designer will launch the iPhone 6S with the high quality software and hardware programs and these iPhone 6S will support any type of platform. The Apple iPhone 6S would support dual SIM and it would include the SIM removal tool to provide the durability quality.

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