Prophet TB Joshua Healing The Community With Divine’s Call

Prophet TB Joshua Healing The Community With Divine’s Call

Most of the people are seen suffering from one or the other disease but some diseases are incurable and people believe in healing touch of the divine power. For that, people visit Churches or the service homes but cannot be recouped, as some of them do not put up full belief. Therefore, Prophet TB Joshua who heads the Synagogue Church of All Nations asks people to strengthen their belief in God before receiving any kind of healing touch. People should follow the teachings of God so that they can get to know the grace of Almighty.

Giving Helping Hand to Distressed People

The Prophet heals the people through Divine’s grace and some of them have experienced a new lease of life with the healing provided by the pastor. The SCOAN ministry is giving a helping hand to affected people and helping them come out of their situations in following ways:-

  • Providing Morning Water: The Prophet provides morning water to the diseased people so that they can be healed of any kind devilish powers that are gripping them. People are said to have experienced the magical touch of the water and their diseases are seen to be cured with the pious water.
  • Organizing Congregations: The SCOAN ministry congregations are organized in nearly many countries, as the people believe in the healing power of the Prophet. Even the people can watch the teachings imparted by the pastor on the Emmanuel T.V. This has helped people to inculcate many good thoughts into their life.
  • Healing people through healing touch: The congregations that are organized by the ministry are becoming popular because of the instant relief people are receiving through the healing touch. The Prophet helps people with the healing power of Almighty and gives away the teachings of God through messages and speeches.
  • Treating People of Severe Diseases: Most of the community people that visit the ministry are suffering from deadly or incurable diseases and some have even experienced depression or stress due to them. They were on the brink of death or some have their relations being spoiled due to these incurable diseases. However, with the healing touch of the Prophet, the people have experienced positivity in their life. They all are following the teachings of God and leading a happy and successful life.

Most of the people who visit the SCOAN are facing one or the other problems in their life and some of them are undergoing the worst phase of their life. They are from different countries who visit the ministry every year in order to seek the healing touch from the Prophet TB Joshua. He asks people to surrender them to the teachings of Lord and to face the situation with the divine power.

Lastly, the healing touch from the pastor has healed the life of many people from different communities or countries and they are experiencing a change in them. The Prophet with the help of God’s grace is healing people and this has made them come out of depression, severe diseases, relationship problems and much more.

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