Best Apps for Listening to Your Favorite Radio Stations

Best Apps for Listening to Your Favorite Radio Stations

Everyone loves listening to great radio tunes in the car, but it can be hard to take your favorite stations with you once you arrive at your destination. Don’t cut off the end of your favorite song or miss the key play to the baseball game. Listen to news, sports, music, and entertainment on the go with the best AM and FM radio stations on your mobile device. No need to run to the nearest Radio Shack for a portable radio. Browse through a wide selection of radio stations and save all your favorites right on your phone.

 Best Apps for Listening to Your Favorite Radio Stations

Do you use Pandora Radio and iHeart Radio but miss the simple AM/FM stations? Don’t miss out on the basics with these top-rated radio apps right at your fingertips. Whether you are taking a jog around the park or riding your bike, the best radio entertainment is in your front pocket.

Radio stations from any country with Radio FM

Want to change your alarm clock sound? Set any of your favorite radio stations as your alarm with Radio FM. Wake up to your favorite songs or news wherever you are. With over 30,000 radio stations from around the world, you will always find the best entertainment. A country flag next to each radio station makes it easy to identify where they are from. Save all your favorites and access them quickly with the ‘My Stations’ feature right on your home screen. Enjoy a variety of genres, from classical and gospel to rock and hip-hop, and more! Stay up to date with the latest news, talk radio, comedy and a variety of other programs right at your fingertips.

I found Radio FM in an article while googling for international radio stations and as the article mentions a couple more, I thought why not share it in case you don’t like this one.

Best International Radio Stations

 Stay informed with NextRadio

NextRadio is great for catching up with the latest news, music, tweets, album releases, concerts, and more! Did you miss the top 10 songs countdown from your favorite station? Check out the station’s recently played list so you don’t miss out on a thing! Radio stations for your location are automatically listed, and you can search for stations in other cities too. Loved a song? Check out the artwork and song information, and buy it with one tap straight from the app.

Great podcast recommendations with Castbox

Castbox is easily one of the best apps for podcast streaming. Just last year it earned several awards like Google Play’s ‘Best of 2017’ and ‘Android Excellence App of 2017’, and it keeps pushing forward! Listen to your favorite FM radio stations or tune in to fascinating podcasts for endless entertainment. Choose from over 50 million podcasts, radio stations, and audiobooks, and save all your favorites. Create a profile and discover new channels with Castbox’s personalized recommendations that you’ll love. Going for a hike where there is bad data connection? No problem! Download podcasts for free and listen to them off-line anywhere you go.

I tried to list out an app for everything different people looking for radio apps might look for. While browsing for apps I also found a list that presents the current popular apps in the radio business. It served as a nice reference for quickly finding and testing specific apps, so if you want take a look, here’s the link.

The Best Radio Apps

Enjoy the latest news, music, and entertainment for free with the best radio apps right on your phone. Choose from local stations or select from a different city or country. Whether you want to stay on top of the latest news developments, listen to fascinating podcasts, or just listen to some great music, find exactly what you need right at your fingertips.

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