Can I Drive In Dubai On Canadian Driving License?

Are a Canadian driving license holder travelling to United Arab Emirates and like to hire car Dubai? Well, renting a car normally comes with a number of requirements most of which are set by the car rental companies while others are based on the legal law of UAE. It is always good to adhere to the set laws and make sure that all your documents are good condition while renting a car in Dubai as failure to do so could lead to the rejection of your rental attempts or even inconvenience you unnecessarily. A driver’s license is always important and foreign drivers seeking for Dubai car rentals must either have an international driving license or a valid one from an approved country of origin in addition to a Dubai resident Visa.

If you are a Canadian and holds an original driving license from your country, it is now easier to enjoy Dubai car rent services by applying for a driver’s license from the United Arab Emirates without taking a driving test as was required previously. It is however important for you to visit the Traffic and Licensing Department for the license conversion to happen. You will need to present a number of documents for this to happen including your original and copy of Canadian driving license, original and copy of your passport and valid residency permit and a translation of the original and photocopy of your Canadian driving license.

It is possible to save more money as you hire car Dubai both on long term and short term basis whether you are visiting for business, vacation or as an expat. As you seek to use your Canadian driving license for Dubai car rent, it is also important present a letter from the Canadian Consulate to confirm that your license is valid. With all the documents in place, Canadian driving license holders can move around the city and UAE as a whole without any hassles thus enjoying the convenience offered by car rental services at any given time. When renting a car in dubai, always take your time to compare prices and book online for maximized savings and a stress-free process.

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