Procedure To Register A Private ltd Company As Per New Companies Act, 2013

Step by Step procedure to register a private Ltd company and Public Ltd Company

PVT LT Company is a legal entity, allowed by Companies Act, which permits two or more person, as shareholders, to apply to the Ministry of Company affairs for an independent legal person to be created, for common object of shareholders, and the PVT LTD company can sue and be sued, own assets, hire staffs or loan and borrow money.

Registration of private limited company involves a number of steps. We have simplified procedure to maximum extent possible.

Requirement of a Private Ltd Company:

  • Minimum Two Shareholders required
  • Minimum Two Directors (The directors can also be share holders)
  • All the Directors required Digital Signature
  • All the Directors of Private Limited Company required DIN -Director Identification Number

Requirement of a Public Ltd Company:

  • Seven Shareholders minimum required
  • Three Directors minimum required (The directors can be shareholders of the company)
  • Authorized Share Capital should be 5 Lakh
  • All the Directors required procuring DSC and DIN

Steps to register a Private Limited Company:

  • Get Digital Signature Certificate from authorized authority like e Mudhra
  • Get Director Identification Number by applying MCA Portal
  • Register Directors Digital Signature with MCA site
  • File INC 1 to reserve the company which valid for 60 days
  • Drafting of Memorandum and Articles
  • Filing of INC -7, DIR 12 & INC 22 to incorporate the company with attached documents
  • Registered Office of a company should file within 15 days of incorporation of the company

Digital Signature Certificate

The first and primary step to company registration is to procure digital signature for all the directors. The Information Technology Act, 2000 introduced Digital Signatures for putting sign electronically on the e form in order to ensure authenticity of the e forms filed with Registrar of Companies. None of the form can file without digital signature of the Directors and some specific forms Digital signature required for professionals. We can apply DSC through e Mudhra, Safe, and n Code.

Get Director Identification Number 

As per the Companies (Amendment) Act, 2006 DIN Numbers is mandated.  As such, existing and proposed Directors have to obtain DIN. PAN card is mandatory to file DIN for with MCA and the details on PAN and DIN must be same. Any person intent to be appointing as a Director shall have to file DIR 3 with Registrar of companies to obtain DIN number. For foreign nationals, passport is a mandatory proof. And DIR 3 is certified by practicing professional will be approved automatically.

Register DSC with MCA portal

Third step is to register DSC with MCA. Without registration of DSC you can’t sign on e forms. DSC needs to register with full details of the Directors.

Reservation of Company name

Six names can be proposed after confirming MCA portal as per the name guidelines. Also check with Trademark registry. If the name is available you can file INC 1 by affixing DSC and adequate fee. If it is similar name get NOC from existing company.

Drafting of Memorandum and Articles of Association

Draft Memorandum and Articles of association after approval of name from the Registrar of Companies. Memorandum should contain main object, Capital, registered office address of the Company. And in the subscriber page should contain Fathers name, Address, Designation and Occupation along with number of Equity shares.

Filing of Company Incorporation form INC 7, DIR 12 & INC 22

The final step of Company incorporation is filing INC 7, DIR 12 & INC 22. These forms should file within 60 days of name approval. Once the above forms approved by ROC you will get the incorporation Certificate.

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