You’re Done With The Move: Now What?

You're Done With The Move: Now What?

You’re exhausted (and a bit cranky) from moving. All you want to do is settle down and relax. Yet, around you are boxes filled with stuff in need of finding their place. You’re running out of daylight.

What will I work on first? You ask yourself.

You’d think the bedroom so you’d have a proper spot to sleep. But then, you’re feeling hungry so what about doing the kitchen? Here are some pointers to help with getting unpacked.

1st – Make sure everything is there

Hopefully, you chose to use one of the reputable companies like North American Van Lines instead of a fly-by-night company that showed up with a rented truck. A lot can go missing during the long distance move if you’re not 100% sure about the company and its employees.

Do a visual sweep of your stuff and count the boxes. Use a checklist if you had made one. See something missing? Immediately get on the phone with the company to get things sorted.

2nd – Do some light cleaning

Now’s a good time to put on those gloves and clean the home while everything is open.

Swing by a dollar or corner store for basic cleaning supplies. Take time to get behind the toilet, under the cupboards, wipe down the fridge, and dust the fans.

3rd – Is everything on?

Hopefully, you had everything arranged with the utilities before you got there. Else, scheduled the services to arrive during the move-in day. If not, get in contact asap so you’re not stuck spending a couple of nights without electric and water.

4th – Get out the essentials

Start with the things you’ll use:

·  Microwave

·  Toiletries

·  Pillow and blanket

·  Clothes

Whatever will get you through the next few days if you have a stack of boxes to the ceiling. Use this time to organize the boxes in the room. Start with the kitchen and radiate outward.

5th – Make a plan for the rest

Grab out a pen and paper.

Make a plan for unpacking and organizing the rest of your stuff. Repeat the process (from the kitchen, outwards) but take the time to discard/donate/store as you go. You probably packed more than a few things you don’t have a spot for, anymore.

6th – Secure the grounds

Do you trust the landlord – or whoever had the place prior – to have the sole copies of the keys?

Head on down to a hardware store and purchase new locks for the doors. Get copies of the key made and set it away for safe keeping. Check the windows and, while you’re at it, do a scan of the yard to find any entry-points for would-be burglars.

7th – Do the small projects

Kind of like doing the small clean up… take this time when things are tidy to work on a few home improvement projects. This could include touching up the paint or adding new blinds. The place looks fresh and you’re full of excitement from the move – use that energy to do projects before you’re too comfortable from settling in.

8th – Change your address

Get online with the post office and change your address. Go ahead and change the mailing/billing address with your credit cards and subscription accounts while you’re at it.

9th – Say hello to the neighbors

Introduce yourself (and family) to the neighbors. You don’t have to tell your life story. Say hello and talk a bit about yourself. Let them do the talking to get the scoop on the neighborhood.

10th – Get to know the area

Set the boxes aside and head on into town to go exploring. Browse the local shops, swing by the park, and get chow at a neat-looking restaurant. Talk with the locals. Get acclimated to the area and keep a mental note of how to get around.

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