Top 10 Bucket List Trips to Travel In 2020

Top 10 Bucket List Trips to Travel In 2020

The year 2020 has been hard for human beings across the globe including travelers. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, travel is the last thing that comes to the mind of most people. Although the situation all around is critical, it is the ideal time to plan and save money for the next trip.  

Packing those comfortable outfits and planning a vacation for that dream destination has taken a backseat this year. We are either isolating or quarantining at home. The Government has taken measures to control the spread of this virus by putting restrictions on travel. Loosening them will be a serious risk to all. Therefore, staying at home is safe at this time of the year. 

Top 10 Bucket List Trips to Travel In 2020
But all this does not mean that we have to stop planning for the next trip. Until the situation improves, we can create a bucket list of all the places that we can visit after the pandemic is over.   

Save for the Dream Trip  

Since traveling is also a significant means of investment, thus, efficient planning in this regard will enable you to discover new interests and nurture wide perspectives. Since the after-effects of the pandemic will be there, people are likely to opt for sustainable travel only.

They will choose locations with the utmost greenery, stay in one place for a long time, explore the culture, promote local business, make intimate local connections and benefit the economy by becoming a responsible guest. 

In this article, we have prepared a bucket list for you so that you can start preparing for the next trip with complete caution and safety measures. These recommendations will be extremely beneficial for you so that you can enjoy a virus-free journey to your dream destination. 

Top 10 Bucket List Trips to Travel In 2020
1. Iceland 

Chasing the northern lights has been a dream for many. Also known as the Aurora Borealis is a magnificent sight that travelers enjoy watching. The view of the northern lights from Tromso in Norway, Snaefellsnes Peninsula in Iceland, or Murmansk in Russia is almost like an imagination turning into reality.  

2. Peru 

Located in South America, this place lives up to the hype. This is an ancient city, situated in the Andes mountains. You can go for the Ausangate trek which begins from Machu Picchu to the Rainbow Mountains. 

3. Morocco

This country has a colossal blend of different cultural influences. The landscape is breath-taking, from exploring the Sahara Desert to the Atlas Mountains, you can immerse yourself in the intoxicating energy of this tourist spot. You should also visit the Blue Pearl Chefchaouen in Morocco. 

4. Greece 

Most perfect for swimming and sunbathing, the pristine white beach walks are a treat for the visitors. The two popular places here – Santorini and Mykonos is known for its nightlife, restaurants and eateries, turquoise blue water, and golden sand. The sheer, rugged cliffs are another significant attraction. 

5. Turkey 

This middle eastern destination is the most sought after by tourists. It is the geological wonderland, known by the name of Cappadocia. You should try the hot air balloon trips here. The rock formations are cone-shaped which are a treat to the eyes.  

6. Egypt

Cairo, the Nile river are some of the famous destinations for travelers in Europe. The Tahrir Square and the Great Sphinx are the amazing wonders of this ancient world, the civilization that the Nation of Europe upholds. The 5000-year-old remnants are incredible to watch.

7. Japan 

Japan is mostly visited by people to witness the springtime. People spend hours viewing the cherry blossoms. Yoshino is one of the renowned destinations for this. The Mount Fuji of Japan remains snow-capped and attracts more and more tourists every year.  

8. Paris

The city of lovers, Paris is one of the most fascinating and romantic tourist destinations. The Eiffel Tower is an exquisite sight, you should visit the Louvre museum, the Palace of Versailles, or even go to Shakespeare and Company literary café. 

9. New Zealand 

Referred to as the Paradise of the Pacific, the natural beauty and the remoteness of this place is worth visiting. The Galapagos, North, and South Island, Southern Alps, all these outdoor locations are mesmerizing. You can hike on the Franz Josef Glacier or enjoy the pristine waters of the Kapiti islands.

10. Grand Canyon

Located in the US, this place has a dramatic beauty. The tourists visit here to witness the splendor of the high mountains, the depth, and the immensity of the rocky fall. The climate is soothing and comfortable. The raw desert landscape makes for a great adventure trip. 

Top 10 Bucket List Trips to Travel In 2020


Planning and going for a safe trip should be the priority of every traveler after the pandemic. This way, while enjoying and discovering new places to see and cherish, you can also take care of your health and well-being.

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