5 Clean Ways to Flavor Your Morning Coffee

5 Clean Ways to Flavor Your Morning Coffee

How do you like your coffee? It’s the oldest, most asked question of mankind that’s probably being asked in a hundred places around the world as you read this. It’s everyone’s most favorite open-ended question with a plethora of answers to choose from (and the list only gets bigger).

While there are those coffee purists who will always pick black, it’s hard to deny that sprinkling an extra ingredient (sugar) on your caffeine can serve as the cherry on top to get you away from your weight loss goals. That’s right. Not only you have to keep an eye on what you eat to get that hourglass body, but you have to check all that you add to your morning coffee.

Yes, you don’t need sugar!

There will be no turning back to your same old cup of coffee once you’ve experienced these surprising additions that give your coffee the extra flair-no, it’s certainly not cream and sugar. Even the hardcore purists are sure to convert after this.

Vanilla Extract

Is sweetened coffee your guilty pleasure? Well, you don’t need to feel guilty any longer because nature has an upgrade for you. With vanilla extract, you don’t have to rely on processed creamers nor sugar. All you will need are a few drops of vanilla extract or almond extract (if you want to go for a different taste) added into your espresso. Vanilla extract has zero calories and zero sugars keeping you healthy, happy and guiltless.

Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Cardamom

What else do you need to feel those fall vibes when you have the staple spices? All you need is half a teaspoon of nutmeg paired with some cinnamon (or even cardamom), and you have a cup full of warmth and coziness to get your fall evening going-preferably with a loved one. Grind a pod of cardamom with your coffee beans and garnish the freshly brewed coffee with nutmeg or cinnamon and voila you’ve got yourself a spiced coffee you won’t forget.

Just remember that you need just a little bit of nutmeg as too much (2 tsp -2 tbsp.) can get you high similar to taking marijuana and will have potential side effects.

Coconut flakes

Shake in some ground coconut flakes into your coffee to feel the hit of the tropical flavors of coconut flakes without sugar. A teaspoon per cup would be just about enough to give you a sensational, healthy upgrade without any unhealthy sugary additives. These coconut flakes are a great way to hang on to your summer coffee vibes. It’s also a much better alternative to coconut oil as coconut oil has high levels of dangerous, saturated fat.

Orange juice

Crazy as it may sound, this funky and invigorating combo is the perfect blend of citrus and caffeine that works like magic. Now you don’t need to wrack your brain early morning trying to decide if you want to have orange juice or coffee. You can have both at the same time! Now that’s one all in one combo you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Not only is it a healthy alternative to sugars but can hit you with the much-needed citrus to get yourself started for the day.

Orange juice contains natural sweetness that gives you a hundred and fifty-five percent of your daily shot of vitamin C and brightens up the espresso. Let’s also count the fact that you will have one less glass to wash on your breakfast table. If you’re still not feeling convinced enough to fuse OJ with your espresso, try rubbing a peel of orange on the rim of your cup or carefully add just a few drops of OJ to test the new taste.

Unsweetened cocoa powder

Chocolate and coffee: there couldn’t be a better combination of words to please the ears and taste buds. The fusion of the world’s two most decadent foods can transcend you to Nirvana one sip at a time. The rich flavor of chocolate and coffee will keep you spellbound with the exotic flavors that hit every crevice of your mouth.

In addition to this, adding cacao powder into coffee is a smart move to extract the flavonoids from chocolate that are antioxidants. Flavonoids can ward away the damage caused by free radicals to the cells and regulate smooth blood flow from the heart to the brain.

Talk about an all-in-one amalgamation that’s too good to be true! Hint: It’ll sound like the above.

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