Top Excuses: Why People Think They Don’t Need An RV Cover

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Like many things in life, there are occasions where we try to reason with ourselves that we can do without, and we make excuses to avoid making a purchase. Unfortunately, this often results in regrets, and thoughts such as, “I knew better…” or, “I should have…”. With an RV, taking chances on protecting it is not something we should gamble with, and we should not make excuses about whether or not to buy a quality RV cover. Here are a few of the most used excuses that people use to try to not purchase an RV cover.

1. “I use my RV pretty often, so it does not need to be covered”

Often, is not the same as always. If your RV will be stored even for short time frames, you risk exposure to trapped dampness that could cause harmful mold, dirt and debris that can affect the exterior of your RV, as well as sun exposure that can fade and yellow the outside surfaces of your motorhome.

2. “I have a shelter for my RV, so that is protection enough.”

This is another false statement. Even if your RV is in protected storage, or under a shelter, the only way to protect the interior and exterior surfaces is to have it properly covered with a quality RV cover.

3. “I live in the Southern U.S. We usually have warm climates, so no need to cover my RV.”

Warm climates can cause as much if not more damage to an RV from exposure to the sun rays. With an RV cover that has a UV inhibitor built into the fabric, you can avoid the expensive costs associated with repainting faded surfaces, or replacing yellowed lights and moldings.

4. “RVs are built to be outside, they don’t need to be covered.”

Just as we often park inside a garage to protect our vehicle from rain, snow, wind, dirt and sun exposure – our RVs, though built to be enjoyed outside, still need the protection, particularly when in hibernation from the elements that can harm interior and exterior surfaces.

At National Discount Covers, we have heard all the excuses. We have also, over the past 25 years, had many customers come to us because they don’t want to make the same mistake twice, and fail to protect their RV. With the high cost of repair, and seasonal cleanup of RVs that are not covered, most people see an RV cover as something that they can’t make excuses for – it is an essential for any motorhome owner.

If you have questions about what grade of quality you need for your RV, what type of fabric would be best for your climate and environment, or even how to properly measure your RV to get the best fitting RV cover – contact the professionals at National Discount Covers.

No more excuses! Speak with the friendly, experienced staff at National Discount Covers to find the right RV cover to fit your needs, and budget.

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