Beach Attractions: TOP 11 Spanish Islands To Have A Good Time

Beach Attractions: TOP 11 Spanish Islands To Have A Good Time

Spain is the most beautiful country. It is beautiful in itself. There are many smaller islands in the country: Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea and Canary Islands in the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are charming and all of them boast the special unique atmosphere. What are the secrets of the Spanish Islands? Where to go? The ritzy beaches of Tenerife and Formentera, Martian landscapes of Lanzarote, emerald-green sea of Mallorca and sandy dunes of Gran Canaria – pick one for your beach vacation.


It was the pirate lair in 1500, hippie commune in 1960, and popular beach to rest in 2000. This is the most beautiful place on the Earth. The little island is very clean with the crystal clear emerald sea, lonely beaches, white houses, windy mills, beautiful sunsets and fresh air full of pine aroma.


The island is situated 6 kilometers far from Formentera. This is the real paradise for all who used to dance and have fun till the morning. Just hire a car in Ibiza and go along the main street to knock yourself out. The street is full of the ritzy night clubs and crazy attractions. Ibiza has everything you need for the family vacation: Portinatx, San Antonia with its bays and clean beaches. If you are in search of the night life, you should go to Talamanca and Platja d’en Bossa.

Just joy and feast! You can start your trip early in the morning to see the variety of local nature. Going over the wavy way from the airport to your villa or hotel, you can see the ancient olive trees, pine trees, magic beaches, emerald bays. This is your warm memories for long: exotic palms, sunny mood, specific atmosphere and best friends. These are your first impressions about Ibiza.

It is also festive land. You can visit parties every night and day. The island presents much fun to everyone. You can dance, drink cocktails, and bath into the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. What about the crazy dancing till the morning? Every new party in Ibiza is a big holiday. The popular DJs from all over the world come here to practice. What do you know about the so-called Party boat? There is a ship that goes to entertain guests every day. The voyage takes about an hour or two. The trip is full of tasty drinks, DJs, dancing, music and fun.

Future Music Festival 2013


If you like night parties and noisy music you should find some other place than Gomera. This is the right place for your vacation only if you are fond of black beaches, azure water, laurel forests and picturesque nature views. Don’t worry if you can hear the weird whistle here. Gomera is famous of its special whistling language that helped locals to communicate to each other. Of course, there is no need to use the whistling language in the era of mobile phones. Nevertheless, locals used to demonstrate their whistling ability to the whole world.


The biggest of the Balearic Islands and the most interesting one is Majorca. It also attracts with its rich nature. Majorca boasts the snow-white beaches, charming quiet bays, emerald green sea and deep forests. The island is the best place for diving, windsurfing and alpinism. It is also good for a beach rest in all of its aspects.


Meet the Majorka’s younger sister – Menorca. This is the biosphere reservation full of wild plants, accurate white houses and ancient culinary traditions. The island government tries to keep everything in safe here. You cannot see a lot of hotel complexes, just the small hotels with the snowy-white walls instead. The nature of the island surprises with its contrasts, red beaches and flowered valleys, stony deserts.

Menorca 2011 012

Gran Canaria

The landscapes of Gran Canaria are very different. There is someone who calls this land a continent. If you want to enjoy the pleasant climate and beaches, go to Maspalomas. This is the South part of the island with the golden beaches and picturesque dunes. This is a kind of a small desert at the ocean.


This is the island where you meet the sun the year round. Of course, the night temperature can be low, but the days are hot not only because of the sun, but nigh life. The main reason why travellers from all over the world come here is beautiful beaches with the wild nature and 800-meters giant rocks that are always on the way of the Atlantic Ocean.

El Hierro

This is the smallest of Canary Islands. This is a home for the giant lizards that live in the local reservation are. The island is full of natural contrasts: cozy bays, valleys, high rocks. El Hierro is the first island in the world that lives only because of its own ecological energy.


When the lands of Lanzarote were discovered, it was grabbed by the pirates and volcanoes. Nevertheless, it was still attractive. There are about 300 volcanoes here so, the land looks like the Moon landscape. If you are fond of the caves discovery, welcome here!



Everyone wants to live here. The sun welcomes you every day. What is more, the water is clear that you can clearly see the whales, fish, dolphins and other underwater inhabitants. The beaches of the island are also perfect for the romantic walks and even picnic. The views are amazing!

La Palma

This small but green island is considered to be the beautiful island that you’ve ever met. There are not many comfortable beaches here. That is why tourists come here. They want to see the wild nature. The volcanic nature makes the island views special. If you could climb the mountain you can observe the picturesque landscapes from there. The highest observation platform is situates on the Roque de los Muchachos. It is 2400 meters high. It takes you about 5 hours to climb up the mountain to the top. You are finally here, at the top of the world!

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