Finding Moving Boxes

Having move on your mind, you should be fully prepared and equipped for it. Moving is usually planned a few weeks or even months in advance, because there are a lot of tasks to accomplish before the moving day. First of all, decide if you can move on your own or you will need a professional assistance. If you are performing a long-distance move, it’s recommended to hire professional movers to help you. In that case, research the moving companies you are interested in and contact them as soon as possible. Find out all necessary information about them, terms and conditions and request a written estimate of moving costs. That will help you choose the moving company that suits you best. However, this is only a beginning of the mission. Moving checklist is really long, and one of the most important tasks is packing. You can get some useful instructions from your moving company regarding the packing procedure, but make sure to prepare all packing supplies like cardboard boxes, tapes, ribbons,… Buying new boxes or even used ones can be very expensive and you certainly don’t want any additional costs.

The good news is that you don’t have to buy them. There is a way to get them for free – you just have to know where to look for. Just make sure to look for the boxes in different sizes, since you have to pack variety of items. If some of your friends or relatives have moved recently, they probably have moving boxes in all sizes and will be more than happy to get rid of them. Go to the nearest grocery store and talk to the manager. He will be able to provide you with some cardboard boxes instead of recycling them. After receiving the shipment, liquor stores, bookstores, electronic stores or restaurants will be willing to give away their boxes. There are probably a few unused cardboard boxes in your office, so pay attention. By using online resources like social networks or other platforms you can also get free boxes. Maybe the moving company you have hired is providing free boxes to the customers. They may have variety of boxes like plastic stackable containers, wardrobe boxes and some other types.

Wardrobe boxes are used for hanging, transporting or storing clothes. Wardrobe boxes are cardboard boxes equipped with a metal bar for hanging clothes. All your hanging clothes are placed directly from your closet to the box and you just have to put the clothes back in the closet once you reach your new home and start unpacking. You can also store the season clothes in wardrobe boxes. Being patient enough, you can make them on your own (provided that you have started with moving preparation a few months in advance). Plastic containers are stackable and eco-friendly and more convenient than cardboard boxes since there is no waste after the move. An eco-friendly attitude can prevent an environmental damage, so everyone should opt for recycling. Throwing away used moving boxes and old items is what people usually do, but, at the end of the day, it’s up to us to save our environment.

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