5 Reasons Why To Get NetApp Certification


Information Technology has become so vast and unrestricted that it has limitless opportunities for those looking for a promising IT career. Depending on personal interest, individuals can choose from different branches of IT – Development, Testing, Security, Networking, and Storage. While most professionals rush to the development and security/testing side of IT, storage is one domain where there is a dearth of qualified professionals. The scope of storage is now huge, given the importance of data and expansion of virtualization. Data centers, big data analytics, cloud computing are all hugely dependent on optimized storage techniques and data management to make the most of these concepts. The need for robust and intelligent ways to store data is now bigger than ever before, thus opening gateways for IT professionals to venture as storage engineers and administrators.

Even for those who do not wish to propagate into storage as a career, knowledge of storage can boost an individual’s networking/virtualization career further. A NetApp certification is one of the best storage certifications available in the market today. Let’s explore how and why NetApp training and certification scores as the best out there for storage.

Unmatched Knowledge

Fundamentals of storage networking, installing, configuring, and administering the NetApp storage software – all are covered in depth when you opt for NetApp certification training. The knowledge that you gain from taking up this certification will make you proficient in contributing to your organization’s storage networking policy or help you in creating a storage policy from scratch.

High Demand

Companies are now recognizing the value of data storage, data protection, and management. Most organizations are, in fact, heavily dependent on these factors for their very existence. Given the fact that losing sensitive business-critical information can lead to irreparable damages and additional cost to the company, data storage is a key that needs to be leveraged in the right way. Hence, demand for such certified professionals is at an all-time high.

Career Growth and Higher Income

No other area of technology is experiencing the growth, investment, and development like storage networking. And NetApp is the biggest storage provider to the US government as well! Therefore, a certification in NetApp can not only increase your chances of getting a job, it can also boost your income. A certified status from an authorized Netapp learning center can translate into more knowledge, more responsibility, and hence more income.

Consider opting for NetApp Certified Data Administrator credential which encompasses the administration, support, and performance management for data storage on NetApp’s ONTAP operating system in CIFS and NFS environments. Other practical topics included in the course include data recovery, data availability, snapshots and performance for NetApp controllers. Hands-on labs and knowledge of practical applications of NetApp are essential to make the most out of this data storage management technology. It helps professionals overcome challenges faced in their actual work environments, and find effective solutions for real-world storage problems. An understanding of NetApp data storage is not only beneficial for storage admins but also helpful for IT professionals in any domain.

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