Choice of the right type of water purifier for the needs of your home?

Your water might look clean and tidy, but no guarantee ensures that is free from germs and can be drunk. The chances are high that microscopic pathogens can be present with a host of new age contaminants that does contain a high degree of dissolved salts. This does lay a lot of emphasis in terms of a proper RO purifier. The reason being if you compare the major cities of the country, jaundice, cholera and typhoid account for 77 % of the diseases. This survey does prove the fact that TDS does account above the specified parameters in terms of permissible levels in India. This does involve taking cities like Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

A general perception would be to boil water before you drink. But this does not prove to be the truth always. If you boil the water it only prevents microbial contamination that is caused by virus, bacteria etc.  You need to be aware that harmful and dangerous physical impurities like lead, rust or mud are not removed. Now the question is what can be done to ensure that the drinking water that is provided to you would be safe from any impurities. Most families are ensuring that the water purifier is the best option. This paves way for a safe and pure form of drinking water. In the market, there are a plethora of brands that make it very difficult for you to choose one as per your needs.

Before you purchase a water purifier a degree of research is called for. Before you start forth you need to ensure the condition of the water. Then it does become easy for you to determine which type of water purifier suits you best. But you need to be aware of the various types of technologies that are available in the market.


You are likely to opt for UV water purifiers in areas where there is soft water. At the same time, the levels of TDS needs to be less than 500 mg.  There is a lamp that creates the UV to which the water happens to be exposed. In this method, the water is purified to the extent of 100 %. The best part about this would be that it does not go on to alter the chemical composition or rectify the taste. As the chemical composition does not stand altered you can use this method in areas where you do get hard water.

RV or reverse osmosis

 If you reside in areas where hard waters do seem a big thing, then these water purifiers are ideal. If the total dissolved salts do go on to exceed the permissible levels then serious issues to your health arise. With RV the TDS levels in your water would be reduced to desired levels. You need to use this method if the TDS levels of water are way beyond permissible limits. By this method, nearly 90 % of the water is purified.

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