A Wedding Website To Help Host Weddings In India

A wedding in India is indeed a special event; an event that will be memorable in equal proportions by those who attended and those who got wed. The advent of the internet and then the emergence of social media have made the impossible seem easy and quick. All you need to do is create a wedding website and then make it popular through social media networks.

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Importance of having a wedding website for weddings in India

Having a wedding website is trendy these days. Right from incorporating the bride’s musings and reverie to the actual ceremony, the wedding website will carry everything you want to share with your friends and family. A beautifully created website will keep everyone updated on your impending marriage in India.

You can include a web enabled RSVP in the website so you have an idea of the number of guests who will be turning up. This will help you to plan the wedding more effectively. You can include a number of inner pages and make the wedding website and the subsequent marriage, an event to remember.

Here are other benefits of hosting a wedding website

Actually, you can entail your wedding and its preparations to look like a fairy tale story. So divide your wedding website into three parts: pre-wedding, wedding and post wedding. For the pre-wedding section in the wedding website, you can give updates about the preparations for the wedding, what you have been doing each day, the shopping you have done and so on.

Of course, for the wedding, you cannot sit and manually type what is happening, but you can delegate this task to a friend who will write about your wedding and post timely pictures. Include the reception and other wedding-related parties for post wedding period. If you want to share your honeymoon then you can update the website every few days with interesting posts and pictures.

Here are certain things you must include in the wedding website:

Bride and the groom

Give a complete biography of the bride and the groom, about their jobs, lifestyle and respective families. It will help people from both sides get to know each other. Post pictures of family members so they are easily recognisable when seen in person.

You can include a portion where visitors can read an enticing story on how the bride met with the groom, their proposal stories and so on.


An interactive blessbook will allow the relatives and friends to pass their blessings, wishes, suggestions and comments. This will make the people feel they are part of the preparations too.

In case, you want the wedding website to be private and you don’t like too many people visiting it (especially people you haven’t invited), you can create a password. Only people whom you invite can view your website then.

Travel information

You website should contain detailed information on how to reach the wedding venue. Most people will be coming by themselves either in their own vehicle or by renting cars, so you need to create a self-explanatory road map to ease the travel confusion.

Picture gallery

A mandatory section in the wedding website. What is a website without pictures or animation? You can include hundreds of good pictures, right from pre-wedding preparations to wedding day celebrations and honeymoon destinations, if need be.

As for wedding website creation, you can either have one custom made for you, or you can make use of the templates offered by exclusive website vendors.

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