4 Most Common Myths about Mobile Homes

The number of people who have a doubt and little misunderstanding about mobile homes is in a large amount. The credit of spreading all these prevailing ignorances goes to our media and Televisions who are always sharing the bad and extreme image of mobile homes.

Depicting the negative reputation of mobile homes in media is quite common and the bad thing about this generation is that we accept all the things without knowing the reality. You would never see a headline that will show you the positive image of a mobile home in Texas. Media nowadays gaining popularity through negative news and that’s why they are not showing the positive things of our society.

Other than media, people who follow and accept all the myths and misinformation without researching it properly also plays a role in spreading the lies concerning mobile homes.

This article attempts to bust 5 most common myths about mobile homes with proper reasons and statistics.

Mobile Homes Rapidly Catches Fire:

One of the most common myths which keep many people always from buying a mobile home in Texas is that they are more prone to fire. People usually think that the mobile home has increased the chance of house fires than a traditional site-built house. However, this is just a myth and misinformation.

Mobile homes are very much safe and if you have any doubt about that you can install smoke detectors in your mobile homes which will keep you alert from fire. According to a survey, site-built houses are more at risk of catching fire as compared to mobile homes.

Mobile Homes Won’t Resist Tornados:

Another common myth which is associated with mobile homes is that tornados are attached by mobile homes and they won’t stand when tornados attack, but this is not true at all. People also have thought that tornados are attracted to mobile homes because they are made of metal, but there is no such proof which can justify this fact, so till then, this will be just a myth.

Experts say that tornados are not attracted to any kind of mobile house. Firstly, it is important to note that the number of mobile home parks is utterly underestimated by the average individual. Secondly, it is by ill fortune that many mobile home parks are situated in tornado-prone areas.

Research has also proved that areas which are more prone to hurricanes, a mobile home can resist there. Mobile homes in Texas withstand winds in a range of 70mph but if the speed of wind exceed from the limit your mobile home may get little damage.

Depreciate In value:

Every mobile home owner or investor wants to invest in such property whose value appreciates and they can get a huge return in the near future. But do mobile homes in Texas appreciate in value?

This is one of the questions which have confused so many people. People in Texas usually have misinformation about mobile home that their value won’t depreciate and thus, they are not a good investment option. But maybe they are wrong. The value of any house depends on the following circumstances.

  • The maintenance of the mobile home,
  • The home has a foundation attached
  • A mobile home is with a mobile park
  • The home comes with additional area or attachments.

If your mobile home withstands on these circumstances than its value will surely appreciate and you will get a good deal in the near future if you invest in it. So erase the myth from your mind regarding the value of a mobile home just keep these 4 to 5 things in and when planning to invest in mobile homes.

Mobile Homes Are Illegal:

The legality of the mobile home has a huge question mark up till now. But if you are living in a country or state just like Texas, mobile homes are totally legal there. The law of the US didn’t declare mobile homes illegal unless they are placed at any government authorize area. If you have a mobile home park than you can drag your house there and no one will call it illegal.

So if you are planning to have a mobile home than don’t follow these myths because these are just false allocations which keeping away people from investing in mobile homes. Just keep some important things in mind and buy your dream mobile homes.

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