Check Out The Features Of The POS Systems While Using The Application

Most of the high class business hotel offers the widest range of food items to the different guest so it will be more comfortable for the customer to enjoy the taste. But a few times, it takes much time to have dinner in the top hotel due to the presence of many people. To control the entire people, the hotel management introduces the digital menu with the self order options. Here the Aptito restaurant digital menu offers the classic look rather than the printed out menu. This software is android which can support to the different android device. This application is a cloud based application which has the remote access to operate at anytime and anywhere. If you order the food items which goes direct to the POS application so you can simply save time and also the labor cost. This application is specially designed for integrating the tablets. They have provided a simple procedure to install the application on your android tablets which take around 15 minutes. It is integrated with the menu tablets to communicate with the menu and easy interface with the Aptito restaurant digital menu. 

Features of POS System: 

 The main features of using this application are to access at anytime and anywhere. Even if you are planning to go for the family trips to the different location, you can place order on using the application and view the different food menus at any time. It can able to maintain the database of each and every client, payroll, extensive sales, report of inventory and other credit card process. Therefore, you can hire the Aptito restaurant digital menu and enjoy using the application to place an order of the wish food items.

About the Security of POS:

It has high security algorithm to use this application which will be more comfortable for the customer and it provides a right solution to attract the customer and guest for hotels. The online payment systems are secured and used the latest method so there won’t be change to hack the account and the customer database should be properly maintained by the POS. Therefore, you need to worry about accessing this application of order and online payment. To get the additional information, you need to visit a website which provides the pin point information about the application. At the same time, this application can be used in a simple and easy manner with the less communication on it.

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