Beauty Guide: What Makes Italian Women Look Always Great

Beauty Guide: What Makes Italian Women Look Always Great

Italian women are self-assured. They are really beautiful: Italian women attract men’s attention all the time. Do they have special secrets? It is time to find out!


The visiting card of all Italian women is healthy and voluminous hair. Of course, there are few secrets from the local girls of beauty. First of all, Italian women always use almond and olive oils, especially for hair masks and treatment. Secondly, they wash hair every4-6 days with shampoo mixed with water. Thirdly, Italians don’t use hair dryers, preferring to dry their hair naturally. Finally, the good hair is a sign of good manners. That’s why Italy has a big number of beauty salons. Nevertheless, women don’t like doing something special with their hair but natural and elegant hair style.

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The smooth skin is the main attribute for the Mediterranean woman. If you want to have wow effect about your skin, you have to apply professional and home-made masks. Speaking about the home-made masks, the main ingredients are local plants: natural oils (olive, almond, peach), avocado, red oranges. The mask is usually applied on the body, face and nails. As you know, Italians don’t like the hot climate of their country, preferring to protect their face from the sunlight. This therapy is very effective. The women are used to take of their skin day and night.


Italians are what they eat. How can you understand this statement? Do you think that it is possible to look great by eating pasta three times a day? Actually, the food ration of Italian women includes olives, olive oil, fish, vegetables. They drink much water and good wines. They also eat many fruits. Italians don’t like keeping special diets. Nevertheless, they can also choose one of them to solve their health problems if they have any. There is still the rule: everything you do must be done with pleasure. So, you can easily have the sweet fasting days by eating apples and pineapples only.

Of course, not all Italian women are beautiful, but the most of them are impressive a lot. What about sport? Actually, Italians don’t like sport. But their bodies are still perfect, to the envy of all. The reason of it is the amazing climate of Italy and perfectly-balanced Mediterranean food that is considered to be the most useful in the world.

Smile is Worth Gold

The tooth brush and tooth paste twice a day is what you need. The dental floss and breath freshener is the minimum of what you must have in the bag. The women often go to visit their dentist to treat and whiten their teeth.

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Of course, when you look at the Italian woman, you look at her hair, fresh skin, attractive body, white smile and…clothes. Of course, Italian women know how to choose right clothes. Italians like attracting everyone’s attention with their stylish clothes. They like getting compliments ad that is great! So, first of all, there is a cult of beauty in Italy. The women always look nice and elegant, whatever the situation they have. So, the beautiful, perfectly fitted clothes are mast have components in your wardrobe.

There is one more thing that is as important as good clothes. Every woman wants to be attractive and elegant with the help of high heels. Speaking about the woman begs, Italy is the only one country where you can meet the big number of branded bags of different colors and sizes. Locals like Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada… There is no strange that such world popular brands go together with mass market clothes. This is what is called Italian casual that is very popular for the fashion lovers from all over the world as something super stylish.

How about jewelry? Italian women know everything about jewelry. What is more, they prefer only high quality jewelry or gold. They are sure the golden rings and necklets suit to their stylish nature a lot.

Bright Colors

As you know, Italians are emotional and expressive girls. That is why cosmetics play very important role to emphasize their beauty. The tone of your lipstick is fuchsia and the color of your eye shades is azure. What a great combination! Of course, Italians like bright colors but they don’t like make up their face. Everyone should have the variety of colorful lipsticks and lip-glosses. What about the brands? Italian women don’t like using world popular cosmetics, preferring local producers.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is not only good for salad. This is the main cosmetic component for Italians. Thus, women use olive oil to take care of their hair and body. There is nothing strange! It is rich in anti-age components, vitamins. There is nothing better to moisten skin.

Glass of Wine

As the girls say, the glass of good Italian wine helps to fight stress. As you know, stress is the worst enemy for your beauty. Italians believe that every day stress, nervousness take you to be aged very fast.

Body Oils

Moistening is the most important component for skin treatment. Italian women use different oils for that. Their favorite procedure is body massage with using natural oils. It helps to take their skin to order and look great!

Sun Protective Cream

Italy is a hot country. The sun is hot. This fact makes Italians to protect their skin from the sunlight. They do nothing special but use SPF-creams. You can see a lot of women on the beach to bath in the sun. Definitely, the most popular zone to go to the beach is Sicily. This is a part of Italy where you can find the best beach rest, SPA care and healthy dinner. You may hire a car in Catania – the administrative city of Sicily and go to the beach line to spend the weekend in the best comfortable hotel. Let it be your SPA weekend!

Sensually Colorful

Coffee Scrub

Scrubbing also helps to take care of your body and face skin. The favorite face mask is coffee scrubbing with few drops of coco oil.

Black Chocolate

How about tasty chocolate? Italian women like eating chocolate from time to time. It helps them to feel happy! Happy woman is always beautiful!

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