The Amazingness of 3D Scanning

Everyone is discussing how 3D printers are revolutionizing the manufacturing process, but another 3D technology is often getting overlooked. The promising possibilities behind 3D scanning are endless and should be considered just as exciting as 3D printers.

What Exactly Is 3D Scanning?

For those of you unfamiliar with the technology behind 3D scanning, it can seem pretty amazing. It involves using a laser as a way to capture the exact shape and dimensions of a physical object. You can use a 3D scanning procedure to attain the precise size of an object and then automatically present it as a 3D digital image.

Even the smallest details can be picked up with 3D scanning lasers. If you would like the precise measurements of any object, no matter how odd the shape, you can’t do any better than using 3D scanning. It only takes seconds to do and will yield useful information immediately.

Industries that Are Using 3D Scanning Every Day

Aerospace has been using 3D scanning for quite some time now. They use it to construct prototypes for future possible products, but they also use it for another reason. 3D scanning can help inspect equipment almost instantly. Plus, if there is a need for a bit of reverse engineering, it can provide countless details on an object.

Perhaps no other industry has been able to use 3D scanning to its full potential like the medical field. There is a great need for wearable devices such as braces, caps, or even prosthetics. How often do these things get made and then have to be readjusted over and over again because they were not made to the precise measurement? 3D scanning can ensure there is very little need for readjustment. Everything will be done correctly the first time.

There is a very good chance that you have already experienced 3D scanning technology in the medical field without even quite realizing it. If you have a young child, you most definitely have. 3D scanning is also basically a 3D ultrasound as it produces a 3D photo of the baby still in the womb. It is all part of the same technology. It is possible to see the size of the baby and even get a good image of the face with a 3D ultrasound. This is really just the beginning of what 3D scanning can do for the world. It is only a matter of time before it does much more!

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