Best Outdoor Kitchen Location Tips to Get Started With

Choosing the Right Outdoor Kitchen Place

There’s nothing more luxurious than flipping burgers or sipping wine while entertaining your friends or guests in your outdoor kitchen. Whether it’s about an outdoor oven, open-air grill, or sleek stainless-steel kitchen; an outdoor kitchen is an extension of your entertainment space substantially.

While such are the stakes, you’d obviously won’t want to mess up with the outdoor kitchen location. Here are a few tips to get started with.

The View

When it comes to choosing the best location for your outdoor kitchen, views and sight lines play a crucial role in deciding the placement of counters. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The rear yard must be visible from the indoor windows and doors facing the outdoor kitchen.
  • Views of guests while getting entertained near the counters
  • It’s advisable to keep the counter at the central point of your outdoor kitchen set-up to align with the Chef’s view
  • Visualize the outdoor kitchen location with trees, shrubs, and hedges, and walls to keep the neighbor’s privacy intact.

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Wind’s Direction

While wind aggravates smoke and can disturb the neighbor, plan accordingly to keep your outdoor kitchen experience hassle-free:

  • Strategize the grill and counter location considering that smoke will blow downwind
  • Take into consideration the proximity of doors, windows, and balconies in the smoke’s direction
  • Make sure to keep the outdoor dining area upwind of prevailing smoke’s direction

Shade and Comfort

Outdoor cooking, most of the times, happens during hot summer months making it unbearable to stand in the blazing sun. Plan the location of your outdoor kitchen under the existing shade or provision for a new source of shade.

  • It’s imperative to set-up your outdoor kitchen under the natural shade of trees and vines for a misting ecosystem
  • Additional shade bars may be required to block the sun rays; look for the appropriate sun angle
  • Put built-in umbrella stands over your open barbeque and grill place.

Nearness to the House

Keep your outdoor kitchen as close as possible to the house to avoid long, repeated trips to fetch something or the other.

  • Keeping the outdoor kitchen closer to the indoor one is a wiser take as while grilling on the barbeque outdoors, you’d want to keep an eye on the food cooking indoors too.
  • This model works best to make you spend lesser time walking around from indoors to outdoors and spending more time entertaining guests.

Access to Utilities

Decide the location of your outdoor kitchen and grill based on the convenient access to gas and electricity lines.

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