How To Identify A Spam Call?

You would get a call telling that you have won a particular sum of money as winning in lottery. Is this really right? Well, most of such calls are spam calls and you should remain cautious in such matters. You should never share your account information or personal information or something like that. If you do that you may get into some trouble. This is because the spammers on the other side look out for targets that can actually get into their jaws. But you should be smart and find outspam calls and try to avoid picking them up if possible. Not picking up would not solve the purpose for the longer run. You need to block such calls so that they do not bother you.

How do Spammers Behave?

The spammers would behave quite softly and friendly with you. They already know something about you like which car you are driving and where do you live. But they wish to know more about you. Thus they ask you questions. It is best not to answer them. But if at all you feel like answering them then you should be smart and avoid sharing any of your personal details.

Most of the spammers would ask you for a loan or would offer you a travel package. A few would even talk about the charitable causes and would try to take money from you. But you should be stubborn and cautious. The current trend in the scam call market belongs to talks about extended car warranties and free trials.

If you really feel that you do not want to get disturbed with such calls then you can register your phone number with Do Not Call List. But if in spite of taking this step things do not come under control then you will have to buy a call blocker for the land line. If it is a mobile phone then you should use call blocking app. But for that you should first find out which numbers send you spam calls and how you can avoid them.

You should take a Word of Caution

When you get a call like you are being given a free gift but you will have to pay a small amount then it is worth thinking that if the gift is free then why money is being taken. If someone asks for charity then you should check out the charity first and only then you should send the money. If any of the caller behaves rudely with you or if there is abusive language, from the other side then you should report the same. For that you will have to take some legal action. If at all you get tempted to give such callers money then never send them in cash. You should always send a check so that if it is really a scam then you will get your money back if you take any legal steps against that act. In case if you are getting tempted to buy something that the other party is selling then first take up proper research and then only pay money.

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