Cholesterol: What Are The Foods To Protect Themselves


Foods good for lowering cholesterol is the key to affecting cholesterol levels in order to avoid heart disease. The best protection is the variety. The advantage of man with the  cow foods, is that the digestive system is configured so that it eats everything. We must become happy omnivores! More nutrients provided by food are varied, the better you will feel. But do not confuse quantity and quality. Multiply the ingredients and reduce portions, this is the beginning of balance.

Role of Antioxidants

Antioxidants is to stop this chain reaction. They also prevent LDL cholesterol from oxidizing when it flows in excess in our blood.

Vitamin E To The Bloodstream.

It is found in vegetable oils, nuts, whole grains and vegetables with green leaves (lettuce, spinach, chard). It protects the membranes of cells in our body and, combined with other antioxidant molecules such as vitamin C and beta-carotene, it promotes good blood circulation. Beware of supplements that contain, added to the normal intake of a balanced diet, there is a risk of overdose.

Vitamin C

The most known and most effective antioxidant. It reduces the oxidative stress throughout the body and acts as a natural drug against cardiovascular disease. It relaxes blood vessels and lowers cholesterol

Polyphenols against bad fats. They are found in many fruits and vegetables, but also in spices such as cinnamon, in aromatic plants like thyme and rosemary in drinks such as tea, red wine, beer and chocolate … ! The best known of polyphenols are flavonoids that scavenge free radicals responsible for the oxidation of cells, especially of fats. Studies have shown that they improve the exchange of nutrients between blood vessels. Tea and dark chocolate without sugar are rich in flavonoids. Their effect on the fluidity of the blood is comparable to that of aspirin. Regular and limited consumption quantity thus reduces the risk of blockage of arteries responsible for many heart attack.

Fibers Also Protect

Most fruits and vegetables contain both soluble fiber (1/3) and insoluble (2/3). Those that interest us, soluble fiber (pectin, gums and mucilage) because they have the ability to absorb somehow cholesterol in the blood. The fibers help to reduce the deposition of cholesterol in the arteries and increase its elimination by the liver.

Foods That Work


  • Vegetables and fruits: all, whether raw or cooked, fresh, frozen or canned. It favors the richest in fiber and antioxidants: cabbage, green beans, eggplant, pepper, tomato, carrot, spinach, rhubarb, gooseberry, blackcurrant, orange, lemon, grapefruit, kiwi, grapes, melon, apricot, peach, apple. Dried fruits (dates, apricots, prunes), nuts (walnuts, almonds, olive, sesame) and pulses (chickpeas, split peas, beans, lentils).
  • Grain Products: brown rice, brown rice, red rice. Quinoa, bulgur, millet, sorghum, kamut. Cakes brown rice, multi-grain pancakes. Wholemeal bread, sound, nuts, buckwheat. Rusks complete the sound. Muesli, wholemeal petals. The flour, buckwheat, rye, oats, spelled, chestnut, barley.
  • Meat, fish, eggs: turkey, chicken, guinea fowl, rabbit, ham, turkey breast. Egg white. Lean and fatty fish: tuna, salmon, sardines, mackerel, flounder, hake.
  • Dairy: skim milk, yogurt ½ skim milk, cottage cheese and Swiss breakfast 0% cream dessert soy.
  • Fat: vegetable oils (olive, canola, walnuts, soybeans, hazelnuts, sunflower), margarine rich in omega 3, soy cream.
  • Spices and herbs: garlic, rosemary, onion, curry, paprika, cinnamon. Mustard. Tomato coulis.
  • Sweet products (but a moderate amount): honey, jam, dark chocolate, biscuits content reduced sugar and fat material sorbets.
  • Beverages: flat water, sparkling water, tea, coffee, tea, almond juice, soy milk, rice milk, fruit juice 100% juice, diet soda.
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