Foods That Put You In A Good Mood

Foods That Put You In A Good Mood

Green Tea

Green tea has more health benefits than black tea. Green tea has been using as medicine for many years. Theanine is an amino acid found in green which will helps to take you in a good mood. This will helps to calm down people who drink it. If you drink it 4 times a day it will be good for your health. After drinking it you feel like relaxing and it shows a great effect on your mind.

Foods That Put You In A Good Mood


Nuts have a positive effect on our mood. It contains lot of proteins which helps to boost your mood and mental performance. It contains flavor compounds structurally similar to valproic acid, an antiepileptic drug that is also used to soften the mood of people with depressive disorder.


Chocolate contain tryptophan, an amino acid that calms us and reduces aggression, increasing the production of serotonin, the hormone also known as welfare. Chocolates reduce the depression and makes feel awesome. We feel so happy just by eating them.

Fruits and Vegetables

The days when we eat more fruits and vegetables we feel more relaxed, happier and more energetic than the day we eat less quantities. phytochemicals are high in Fruits and vegetables which will improve the health of our brain cells. Eating a carrot a day helps to improve your mood. Young people need to eat between 7 and 8 services of these foods a day.


Omega -3 fish will helps to improves state our mind and boost our mood. Diets low in omega- 3 acids , commonly found in fish , causing a decrease in the brain which is equivalent to about two years of structural aging of the same. It will help in visual memory, abstract thinking and problem solving ability.


Milk contains more amounts of proteins that need to production of mood. Vitamin B1 or thiamine, vitamin known as mood is present in whole grains and dairy. It is necessary for the brain to produce a brain neurotransmitter called serotoina and related mood. Hence a bowl of cereal with milk and nuts put us in a good mood. Milk has long been considered in a well-balanced diet and it’s mood elevating properties only enhance that fact.


No surprise the foremost intelligent of our animal relatives love this fruit – it’s packed full of brain-healthy nutrients. Bananas really manufacture monoamine neurotransmitter antimalarial, that is a kind of monoamine neurotransmitter that happens naturally within the atmosphere. And what’s additional fascinating is that those unpleasant brown spots on the banana really contain the very best levels. Bananas are one amongst Mother Nature’s delicious and useful fruits, particularly when it comes to mood & boosting brain power. According to a recent survey amongst people affected by depression, the majority felt a whole lot better after eating a banana.


Eggs are packed with a range of nutrients together with protein, zinc, iron and vitamins A, D, E and B12, however contain simply eighty five calories each. one egg contains 20% of the daily suggested intake of cholin. Adequate levels of B-complex vitamin are essential for brain and nerve health. Found in high concentrations in eggs, B-complex vitamin|vitamin B complex|vitamin B|B vitamin|B} could be a vitamin b complex that is a precursor to the neurochemical neurotransmitter that is connected to memory. alzheimer’s patients are shown to possess low levels of neurotransmitter. eating eggs and different foods rich in B-complex vitamin might facilitate to confirm the provision of neurotransmitter to your brain.

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