8 Trips To Pack As An Expert In Your Vacation

8 Trips To Pack As An Expert In Your Vacation

If there is something that unites travelers around the world, it is fear (or overwhelm) at the time of making the suitcase. If you have ever lost the battle against your luggage – trying to put two weeks of clothes and other necessities in a suitcase that passes the limits imposed by the airline – it is likely that these tips will serve you. And you may even end up enjoying the process.

1. Fill your shoes with little things

Inside the shoes and boots there is a lot of empty space. Roll your socks, pants and shirts inside your shoes to use that space. And speaking of small things, brassieres and padded bikini take up space, but they can be easily stacked: place one over the other to take advantage of the gaps.

2. Roll up, do not double

To fit more clothes in a suitcase, roll it up and do not fold it. Then you can put the rolls together and tighten them with an elastic band. This offers the added benefit of avoiding wrinkles, so you will not waste time ironing shirts, when you should be enjoying your days off.

3. Buy yourself an e-book

For prolific readers, it’s worth investing in an electronic book when you go on vacation. You can take all the novels you want, including those that have more than 1,000 pages, all without having to occupy the precious space of your suitcase. Reading on the shore of the beach or in “dangerous” places for books has never been so easy for those who love reading.

4. Put the shoes opposite

Placing the shoes with the tip of one inside the heel of the other is a good way to save space.

5. Wrap fragile objects with your socks

How much did that perfume you bought on your vacation cost you? An eye of the face? To keep the bottle from shredding during the trip, wrap it in a sock. In the unlikely event that it breaks, at least you’ll have an excuse to buy another one at the duty-free store.

6. Place the heavy items in the background

When we are making the suitcase, it is easy to forget that soon we will be dragging the suitcase upright. If we pack the heaviest items in the bottom, near the wheels, we will prevent it from tipping over when we are dragging it. And it will be much more comfortable to move.

7. Plan your wardrobe

It is very tempting to take items in case you need them. You must be strict with yourself and only pack the essential items that you like most and that you are sure you will use. You could feel obligated to include that Hawaiian shirt that you have never worn, but if you are not convinced that you are going to wear it during the holidays … why take it?

8. Change your towel for a pareo

Most hotels and apartments offer towels for bathing.  So there’s no need to waste space in your suitcase carrying an extra towel for the beach. Instead of this, take a sarong or sarong. As they are light, they require little space in the suitcase and also dry much faster.  It can even be used to cover the swimsuit (or as a scarf if the weather changes).

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