5 Causes Of Car Breakdowns

5 Causes Of Car Breakdowns

Cars are based on mechanisms that have their own way of working, getting worn off or become damaged. Though for every car breakdown, the only solution you are left with is visiting the auto repair shop and repair the damages, but a basic knowledge on what can go wrong in car mechanism would help you many ways. You can take better care of your car, improve your driving style, learn new driving techniques and finally can bargain better at the counter of a dealership. The purpose of writing this article was to let you know that apart from head on collisions there are several other reasons behind the breakdown of a car. Here are the five major causes explained by the experts from GMC dealer Decatur, that work behind a car breakdown, and how you can stay away from its repercussions.

5 Causes Of Car Breakdowns


A flat battery can cause a sudden breakdown of a car. It can happen if the electrical connection is poor or because there might be a long gap in between lengthy road trips that charges up your battery in the process. The best solution to this is not to wait till the battery warning light starts on. Make sure to check all your electrical connections or else charge the battery for an overnight and keep repeating in every fortnight.


If your car is having persistent battery problems, and headlights are dim automatically whenever the car engine is having an idle time, it could be an indication of a faulty alternator. Before it gets too late, get it checked.

What you need to know here is that, if the ignition warning light comes on and your engine temperature suddenly starts increasing, you should switch off your engine to protect your car’s drive belt from breaking as well as would drive the alternator, the water pump and even the power steering pump. So, in the above-mentioned situation NEVER restart your engine before calling your garage immediately.

Starter Motor

While turning the ignition key if you can only hear a clicking noise or if only the dashboard lights come on without starting the car, it could be the starter motor that needs attention. Usually the starter motors are made with robust quality and mechanism, but it can fail due to a faulty battery or HT leads, poor terminal connections or damaged spark plugs.

Wheel and Tire Damage

It is always recommendable to tread on all the wheels with a depth measuring gauge for at least once in every month. It should be remembered that less tread causes less effective braking. If you can see any uneven tire wear, it needs immediate care from a specialist as it can be even an issue with the wheel alignment.

Clutch Cable

As suggested by a specialist of the Buick dealer Decatur, while applying the clutch pedal, if it feels different from its usual behavior like feels hard and difficult to press, you need to check it out with a professional without a delay.

The Bottom Line

To sum up, to save your car from a sudden breakdown, keep following the scheduled maintenance and never delay in addressing an issue, to stay safe on the road.

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