Glenn Frey as song writing professor at university of New York

Glenn Frey

Glenn Frey regarded as the best known actor, singer, musician and songwriter and the founder member of the Eagles has found a new role in New York University as a professor in songwriting. After forty years of crafting awesome music’s in rock style now he has devoted himself into this new job of his.

Glenn FreyFor a few months, Frey has helped to teach songwriting and giving music at the class of the music department at the New York University. The semester ended with a benefit and rocking concert performed by the Eagles at Beacon Theatre.

The opening ceremony was performed by three students of the class with their original song and lyrics which created havoc in the audience.

Frey was delighted by the performance and mentioned,” They gave a full fledged effort in their song and it was very much contagious.”

“I am very much eager from now as where my next song will come from and which batch will perform it.” He added on saying that this profession has energized him and made him feel amazing to work with those students.

Performing on the concert the audience was dumbstruck by the play of Eagles and applause the whole time. The performance was on the Hall of Fame which was played at Las Vegas on December 30th and it was amazing.

For a whole hour the band played seamless lyrics of “Witchy Woman,” “ The Long Run” and ”Lyin’ Eyes”. The show was fantastic and every one devoted their full mind on the play. Performed by the handful of Eagles the play was abbreviated and a tight set was at the Beacon.

During an interview Frey mentioned that he had no hope of performing a full tour of his team this year but all of a sudden he managed to gather them and give the concert at the Beacon Theatre which was easily understandable from their works.

He also mentioned that in the coming days along with his team members he will fix plans to perform in more concerts. There is also a documentary based on their team coming up at the next Sundance Film Festival.

“We are keeping aside time to discuss our future plans and how will the next year go,” Frey said talking to the interviewer. He has now turned 64 with some of his standard albums that were released earlier this year.

The concert at Beacon marked their 40th anniversary of the band and raised a huge amount of scholarship mounting up to $1 million.

Hearing about some awfully written songs he was inspired to teach at the university and motivate the students to follow the rules to be a good musician. The main idea was to give a speech to the student about great stories and how from their songs can be molded.

Recalling his new profession, he said ”I imagine how those musicians felt while working with me.”

The assignment was to write a song in a week and with no chorus. With this success, Frey is willing to continue with his new profession.

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