Forking Diet

An original diet that restricts your food in a unique way. To eat what you have on the plate, you must use only a fork. You can not touch the knife and spoon and is forbidden to eat with your hands.

Diet fork (Forking diet) is recommended for a period of seven days, maximum 14, because it is quite restrictive in terms of food means you can eat. Diet was perfected by John de Graaf, author and nutrition counselor. To make your idea’s imagination, know that he is one who has perfected the idea of vacation during the service.

Basic rules

Diet with a fork has some basic rules: no need to weigh foods and do not need to calculate the amount of calories. In principle, there is food forbidden, so you can benefit from intake of carbohydrates, lipids and proteins. Breakfast is the main meal of the day, so you can have energy throughout the day!

What can you eat?

You can eat all the vegetables that can be eaten cooked or baked in steam or saute, mushrooms and olives, fish and fish products, cooked cereal (rice, bulgur, wheat), raw, white meat, which can break into pieces with fork, soft eggs, omelettes, any salad (you eat with a fork only), pasta, seafood, pulses.

What can not eat?

Any products which go from hand to mouth. You can not eat bread, biscuits, chocolate. Any kind of fast food meal, any food can be eaten on the street, ice cream, chocolate, meat (because you can not eat without a knife), cookies, pizza and any starter.

In the food category can not be eaten during the diet and include a large portion of fresh fruit. You can not eat soups and sauces, mayonnaise, butter, cereals, seeds (hazelnuts, almonds, etc.). And no cheese.

Difficulties and benefits

Although it seems simple, this diet is difficult to follow. The biggest enemy is wont to bring food to mouth!

Diet is pretty monotonous, does not offer too many variations that require a high consumption of vegetables.

We accept one – two cups of yogurt per day, two tablets of dark chocolate and an apple. Morning meal should represent 50% of food a day, lunch and dinner 10% 40%.

Breakfast: coffee, tea or a cup of milk, two eggs and two slices. You can combine the yogurt for the morning.

Lunch: fish, cooked vegetables or chicken and lettuce, limited to 250 grams, two dark chocolate tablets.

Snack: an apple and a yogurt

Dinner: a salad vegetables

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