3 Steps Guide To Help You Plan Your Marketing Strategy In 2017

“Everything comes to an end after a certain time, whether it’s life or strategies concerning any aspect of life” this statement is an inevitable truth. A business, a person or your digital marketing strategies for that matter will come to an end after a certain period of time. Moreover, after a long duration of years and two years, the legitimacy of the strategy gets ruined. It becomes common because everyone starts using it but to excel in your field and overpower your competitors it’s better to stop following the herd and start choosing your own unique direction.

Hence, the traditional SEO tricks that you employed in 2016 might have proved fruitful but everyone is trying the same and this calls for developing a strategy in 2017. Here we are listing the steps “How to plan your strategy?” in 2017.

Step 1: Take a better look at your target customers  

This step is a very challenging one and most people fail to understand their potential customers or target audience. This is one thing that you’ve to know if you have plans to earn from your business for a longer span of time. A good digital marketer knows his/her target audience at the back of their hands. Knowing your target audience will help you outline the buyer’s persona which in turn will help you design a personalized approach to reaching your audience and influence them.

So, here’ how you can do that: take a deeper dig into your own product or service and try to put a question for yourself and answer it, “How can it help people and who will it help?” As soon as you get the answer, you’ll know your target audience.  

Step 2: Buyer’s cycle

If you don’t know what it is then for you it’s “the different strategies implemented on different stages of the complete process starting from the visitor reaching the website to turning into a successful lead”. Every business has it’s own buyer’s cycle strategies and even you should have one if you don’t have one right now. The stages are going to remain same but what kind of strategies you’re going to implement depends entirely on you.

While planning your sales cycle you’ve to ensure that your every strategies implemented at different stages help your buyer proceed to next one. Try to answer these few question :-

  1. How can you drive the additional traffic into the lower levels of your funnel?
  2. How long is your sales funnel?
  3. What’s the weak point of your funnel where customers drop out of the funnel?
  4. How can you nurture your funnel?
  5. How will you drive traffic on the higher levels of the funnel?  

Step 3: Competitors and goals

Understand the value of your competitor for your business. They are the ones who teach you, help you grow, and motivate you try and challenge yourself to excel. Your competitor, if he is doing better business than you, he must have a better strategy than you. Hence, it’s time you take a glance at their strategy and take a cue from that to incorporate ideas into your strategy.

Secondly, without goals no business can excel. Hence, it’s better to have goals to set foot in the right direction. Plan short term goals leading to a long term goal and that is success. This will help you to focus better, one thing at a time.    

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