Office Cafeteria Etiquettes Every Building Inmate Should Swear By

If there’s one place that witnesses much action and energy, it got to be the office cafeteria or the food court. See any leading commercial building in Kolkata or Gurgaon and you’ll find many swanky restaurant outlets there oozing with employees of the offices located inside the building. Yes, office food court is the place we all love to be at and are more than just a place to eat. We socialize, we build network, and we get that much needed solace there when we are tired of chasing deadlines.

Since everyone (almost everyone) in the office building visits the office food court atleast once in a day, there are a couple of unsaid office cafeteria etiquettes one should always swear by to make it a convenient place for everyone to sit and relax and hog on their favourite food.

While eating at desk is a strict no-no in almost all offices, we must abide by some office cafeteria etiquettes to have a peaceful and harmonious office life:

Clean As You Leave

As simple and indicative as it appears, it’s always a good etiquette to clean up your table after you’re done eating with. You’d not want to clean up after somebody else and same is with everyone else. It’s good manners that you pick up your plate after you’re done eating and wipe up any leftover food spilled on the table with a tissue to keep the table clean for the next person.

Though we don’t encourage wasting food, but make sure you always throw the left-over food in the bin before keeping the empty plate in the bin. Fruit peels, toothpicks, used tissue papers, and all must make their way to the garbage bin before dumping your plate.

Don’t Stand In The Way, make Way For Others

Most food courts in the office buildings are a composite place with a couple of chain restaurants operating inside. If you’re done placing order and waiting for the food to get prepared and arrive, meanwhile make way for others in the queue to place their orders and don’t stand in the way of others to block the line. Stand in a corner to wait for your food to arrive or wait on your table and collect it when it’s your turn.

Keep Your Vocal Chords in Check

While we all agree that office food court is a place to distress, unwind, and relax while having food; it’s always better to maintain a softer level of volume while talking. Socializing and building networks over food is any employee’s favourite thing to do and doing that while distracting other people’s attention to your conversation is something nobody would appreciate. We’re sure you don’t want to get annoying eyeballs, right?

Don’t Damage Any Property

All furniture, fixtures, and cutlery inside the office food court belongs to the building management and needs to be taken care of. Don’t engrave anything on the tables or damage any food court items to attract penalising procedure. Don’t write anything on the walls or the signage already inside the offie food court.

Refrain Commenting

As much as your views on global warming and office politics are strong and need to get heard; please refrain yourself from commenting over other people’s foods and recipes. “Just pasta for lunch?” or “Having junk food again?” is something no one would like to hear before eating. Whatever a person eats is his business and needs to be respected.

If ever, you’re in doubt about a certain office food court etiquettes and guidelines, ask the kitchen supervisor.

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