Why Cleanliness Is So Important In Your Salon

Why Cleanliness Is So Important In Your Salon

No matter what type of business you run, the universal law states that every workplace should be a fully healthy and clean environment. Running a beauty/hair salon or spa can be a difficult task. Between managing the employees, dealing with finances and taking care of the clients, you may not get the time to give your workplace the cleaning it desires. As a salon owner, it’s important that good housekeeping and good hygiene with your business is a the top of your mind. However, it’s not only your staff responsibility but also your clients and visitors should make sure that your salon business continues to run smoothly and nobody’s health is put at risk.

It’s the responsibility of every person working within your salon to practice basic cleanliness and hygiene. Make sure that all cleanliness responsibilities, such as cleaning the hair salon equipment after use or keeping the floor neat after someone has had a haircut, need to be assigned to the hair stylists. As a salon owner, you should create a daily duties checklist to delegate tasks and maintain a record of when each task has been done and by whom. By doing this you will be assured that nothing has left out while keeping the salon well-organized.

Why Cleanliness Is So Important In Your Salon


The premises of your hair/beauty salon must be kept hygienic and clean at all times. Especially the treatment areas along with a high volume of daily use, such as salon chairs, couches, and beds, must be regularly cleaned between each new client and /or a new cover placed over the surface. It’s also important to make sure that you are using the cleaning products for cleaning the salon chairs or couches.  


It’s imperative to take a good look at your therapist and hair stylist too. Is he/she long or kind of dirty? Are their nails kept tidy and clean? Hairstylists with dirty nails might have something under the nails that could be easily passed on to your clients, and it could affect the reputation that you have earned. So if you notice that type of detail, say her/him goodbye politely.


It’s quite essential that all salon equipment should be thoroughly cleaned between usage, and it’s also very important that this procedure should be followed properly.  The tools that come into contact with clients such as hair rollers, combs, nail tools or other salon equipment must be repeatedly cleaned after every usage and be kept in a dry and clean condition when they are not being used.

Managing a successful spa or salon means keeping the workplace well-organized and clean. If you have trouble finding time to keep your salon or spa clean, you should hire a professional cleaning service to get the job done.

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