Eight Groups Emphasized At 21st Harmonyfest

Three Rivers

In its two-decade history, the Three Rivers Harmonyfest music festival has never needed to depend on a Plan B as a result of downpour.

That string could be in risk: The figure for Sunday evening requires a 40 percent possibility of showers.

The short of what engaging estimate is, no doubt viewed painstakingly by Diane Clay and individual parts of the Harmonyfest Committee.

Eight groups emphasized at 21st Harmonyfest

“We’ve had a couple of near disasters in the past however nothing awful enough to ever cancel the stage show,” Clay said. “We’ll simply need to keep our eyes open and trust for the best . . . possibly say a couple of requests to God.”

After a point of reference year in 2013, when Harmonyfest praised its twentieth year, the 2014 occasion is, no doubt charged as “Come back to Your Roots.” The eight demonstrations performing amid the evening and nighttime long program are from St. Joseph, Cass and Kalamazoo regions, with the Marci Linn Band charged as the feature demonstration.

Mud said Harmonyfest, a festival of assorted qualities through music, will convey again in the not so distant future a solid scope of music. Keeping with custom, gospel music will start the show, with the Riverside Gospel Choir tapped to commence the tunes.

After that, Clay said she is particularly eager to see Sammi Melchi.

“He’s 12 or 13 and he played at the Water Festival, and on the off chance that you need to see a young person play the guitar, you have to see Sammi,” Clay said. “He has his band and we are so excited to showcase them at Harmonyfest.

The center of Harmonyfest, notwithstanding, was and will dependably be focused on the Blues. This current year’s lineup won’t frustrate aficionados of the musical sort.

Dirt said the truth there is even a 21st Harmonyfest to stage is very nearly a marvel in itself. Subsidizing is down, sponsorship is debilitating and the quantity of volunteers is diminishing.

Short of what two weeks back, Harmonyfest Committee parts were all the while anticipating conveyance of sponsorship trusts from the occasion’s biggest patron, Pfizer Inc.

“We were basically holding our breath and intersection our fingers,” Clay said. “We made a pledge to pay the musical performers and it appears the measure of cash we need to work with is less and less consistently, yet Pfizer lived up to expectations and we are so thankful.”

As dependably, there will be no lack of sustenance merchants.

Grill is the standard toll and will be supplemented with merchants offering franks and nachos. Earth longed to make exceptional notice of the Three Rivers Area Faith Community, which will be offering fish suppers. Moves ahead from the suppers will go at the 2015 buy of knapsacks and school supplies for one year from now’s once again to-class giveaway.

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