How Students Could Improve Their Ability to Memorize?

Students need to memorize so many things in the school. They need to memorize various topics under many subjects, book titles, lecture schedules, lecturer’s names and friend’s names. There are also extra curricula activities that they need to join. This will require the use of our brain. Unfortunately, each student has different ability to memorize new information and during the stressful condition, harnessing the power of memory can be quite difficult. As an example, we should be able to perform brain exercise and a good brain performance depends on the vitality of our brain. Our brain cells can also be exercised like muscle cells. In this case, we should make sure that our muscle cells can be kept active all the time. In order to make our brain active, we should challenge it. Students could learn a new sports skill, new musical instruments and new foreign languages. In general, the activity should be exciting and entertaining enough, so we will be encouraged to do it again and again. As an example, learning to sing new musics could also improve our memory and some games are designed completely to exercise our brain.

There are many things that can help to improve our memory and physical exercises are one of them. By working out our body, we should get great benefits on our brain. As an example, physical exercise should bring more oxygen to our brain cells and this will improve memory performance. People who exercise regularly could better memorize new information and if our mind is alert, we would be able to maximize information retention. In order to stay fit and healthy, it isn’t necessary to follow the physical program followed by elite athletes. We could begin by walking briskly for 15 minutes each day and it could be done quite easily in the college, while we are walking between classes. Stairs could also be used to improve our fitness and we could use the stairs in the dorm for a short exercise in the morning. If we want to get maximum benefits of our exercise, it is important to include stretching into our workout. It is also important for us to get enough sleep if we want to improve our memory performance.

It is true that college is an exciting time for many students and they could stay awake until late at night doing many things with their friends. Unfortunately, lack of sleep could affect our brain’s well being, ability to solve problems, critical thinking ability and creativity. In this case, we should make sure to have at least 7 hours of sleep each day. Sleeping at 10PM would be an ideal time, because we would have a restful sleep when we are awake at 6AM. It is also necessary to take a short nap for 20 minutes during the day to refresh our mind and continue studying. The power of sound sleeping can be quite amazing. It is important for students to properly socialize with friends. In fact, it would be better to spend more time in library than having toxic relationships with other students. It is important to hang out with friends who are sincere in maintaining a relationship with us.

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