Why Are More People Getting Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery has become increasingly common, with the number of both cosmetic surgical procedures and minimally invasive procedures on the rise. In reality, the reasons why people choose to get plastic surgery are surprisingly diverse. The reasons why you choose to reduce your lips with a labiaplasty can be quite different than why someone else chooses coolsculpting. Here is a closer look at some of the reasons contributing to the increase in plastic surgery procedures today.

1.      Mental Health & Self-Confidence

Most people get plastic surgery because they want to feel better about the way they look. While this may seem trivial for some, for others, it can have a direct impact on their mental health and self-image. Many women (and men) feel profound dissatisfaction with their physical appearance, or are even teased about certain body parts. Even on a less drastic level, some people who are physically fit and healthy may be dissatisfied when their body shape doesn’t adequately reflect the way they feel. Plastic surgery can play a major role in improving self-image, which in turn leads to a valuable confidence boost.

2.      Physical Health Benefits

Plastic surgery can do more than just improve one’s self-esteem. Many procedures can have a direct impact on one’s physical health as well. For example, people who have undergone major weight loss are often more prone to rashes and infections on their “extra” skin. Removing this skin via plastic surgery can help eliminate this recurring issue. Minor procedures like Botox have been found to help counteract chronic migraines, while breast reduction can help some women address back problems.

3.      Improved Technology & Lower Prices

Plastic surgery is no longer limited to movie stars and other celebrities, in large part thanks to new tech advantages helping the procedures to become more affordable. Ever advancing plastic surgery technology allows for better-looking results than ever before, while also minimizing scarring and other potential negative side effects. This makes these procedures more readily available, which has increased acceptance in society at large — and the influence of social media has further fuelled this change in attitude. By removing these financial and social barriers, it becomes much easier for people to feel confident about undergoing a procedure.


While each person’s decision to get plastic surgery is different, there is no denying that the above factors are playing a major role in why more people are undergoing these procedures. By carefully considering the outcomes you want for your life, you can determine if plastic surgery is the right option for your body.

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