5 Easy Things You Can Do To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

5 Easy Things You Can Do To Speed Up Your Internet Connection

What if you could speed up your Internet service without subscribing to a more expensive plan or by switching providers? You may not have to. Here are five easy things that can help speed up your Internet connection.

Power Cycle Your Modem

This is always the first thing to try and has the most potential to improve speeds. Power cycling is completely unplugging your modem for one minute and plugging it back in. Doing this will often resolve issues on their own before calling your IP’s technical support.

Check Your Internet Speeds

Sometimes you really are getting slow Internet speeds because that’s what you’re paying for. But how would you know? Simple, just run on over to speedtest.net and run a speed test. If the numbers match up to what you’re paying for – then yes you need to upgrade your Internet. If not, let’s take a look at some other things you can do to potentially fix it.

Upgrade Your Network Devices

Sometimes it really is as simple as upgrading your current modem, router or both. Oftentimes if you are leasing your modem from your Internet provider, it’s likely that you’re using an out of date device. If your modem or router can’t handle the speeds you are receiving from your Internet provider, then it can’t pass on those blazing fast speeds to you.

Scan For Viruses

We should all be doing this periodically anyway, but if you haven’t recently or ever, do it today. No matter what the intent of the virus, they send and receive information from your computer constantly. This will slow down your computer to a crawl if left unattended to. Scanning your computer for viruses and removing or quarantining them definitely helps improve your speeds.

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