Educational Breaks To Enjoy This Spring Half-Term

Educational Breaks To Enjoy This Spring Half-Term

Christmas was weeks ago now – wow, where did that go? Spring is now fast approaching, which means so is half-term. With this in mind, why not combine a trip away with something educational? That way, the kids aren’t losing out and you get to embrace a getaway!

So, just where can you enjoy an education break this spring?

Aerospace – Bristol

What kid doesn’t dream about being an astronaut? Let’s be honest, space and flying is an amazing concept to both adults and children alike. Aerospace Bristol boasts learning spaces, equipped with the best and most fascinating displays. Why not enjoy a supersonic day out and embark on an awe-inspiring journey through aviation history. Family tickets are available from £40.

The Deep – Hull

As well as space, the ocean is also fascinating. More than 70% of the earth is covered by the ocean and a mere 5% has been explored, equally terrifying and fascinating! The Deep is a perfect insight into what is lurking beneath our waters, with over 5000 animals for the whole family to marvel at. The Deep’s collection includes sharks and rays, as well as the only Green sawfish in the UK. There are also hundreds of tropical reef fish, as seen on Finding Nemo, as well as a brand new Tropical Lagoon of Light.

National Science and Media Museum – Bradford

Many kids find their science lessons daunting, but what about if you showed the clan just how cool science can be? Take the family to Wonderlab, where they’re able to tackle a range of fantastically fun, interactive exhibits – control water with sound vibrations, or see the world through a thermal imaging camera! Live shows are also on offer; here you’re able to draw the universe with light, find the science in your salvia (yuck!), and recreate the sun with an exploding balloon.

West Midlands Safari Park – Worcestershire

It’s no surprise that this is an award-winning visitor attraction, with a brilliant range of all-weather attractions. The park boasts a lengthy four miles of drive-through Safari, including the largest animatronic dinosaur exhibit in the UK and even a theme park – both fun and educational! There are also a ton of exotic species to be found here, including lions, elephants, giraffes, rhinos and cheetahs.

London – London

Okay, so it’s impossible to narrow down just one location in London. There’s the London Dungeons, which offer an eerie look into what life was like for London prisoners many hundreds of years ago, as well as the Tower of London. There’s also Shakespeare’s Globe, home to some of the world’s best literary arts. Museums include the Cartoon Museum (kids love it here – we can’t think why), Sherlock Holmes Museum, the National History Museum and the the Natural History Museum to name a few! And in terms of architecture, there’s also Westminster Abbey and St.Paul’s Cathedral. Just how are you going to fit it all in?

Education hubs aren’t the only things in plentiful supply in the capital, there are also many brilliant City of London hotels too – ideally located to help you make the very most of your trip.

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