How To Increase The Number Of Page Views?

Do we need to take care of the increasing number of page views or quite a high traffic? In the context of timely market situation search services to try to increase the number of page views is necessary. Number of page viewed and the duration of the session are included in the list of parameters of good behavioral factors. The fact that the user has read only one page of a site may indicate that a person quickly solved his problem, and that’s good.

At the same time one page is scanned, and can talk about the poor quality of the site – a bad content usability rather weak, untidy design. Search engines, of course, are not limited in their assessments only one factor. Before you draw conclusions about the quality of a site, search algorithm analyzes and compares the set parameters. In any case – the advantage in the search rankings will have a website where users permanently “hang” – turn the pages, use the search and map, perform some action. The more pages a user visits per session – the greater the chance that it will start to pay attention to the action, subscribe to the newsletter or order a return call.

How To Increase The Number Of Page Views?

Where to Start Increasing the Number of Page Views?

  • Start working on the quality of the content
  • Easy and clear navigation
  • The site is convenient for the intended use
  • If your site is nothing to read, the information is not useful, illegible texts, there is no interactive widgets – what to do on such a resource? Of course, the visitor will recover in search of something more friendly and comfortable.
  • The speed of loading pages

The second most important figure after the quality of the content, a huge percentage of people are not waiting for loading site even for a few seconds. You know how important this is? Slow site nobody needs. This is especially true of mobile computers that have slower Internet than fixed workstations.

Internal Linking

Users visit the site, read the information, and if they liked it. A visitor looking for familiar block just below the article links to related materials. And related links would actually help to bring more page views to other articles and in whole, your site would get more page views

Sidebar Navigation

What people are looking for in the sidebar? Just do not be in the side navigation bar to duplicate the primary or post links to the recently published article. Recent articles the user knows where to look – on the home page. The sidebar appropriate to place links to the entire best, popular content site. Just taken place in the sidebar tag cloud and block links to guest article. For example, if the site has published articles and interviews in their popular category of bloggers, some experts authoritative guru.

Outgoing Links

Usually webmasters are reluctant to place outbound links in articles for fear that visitors will leave and not return. Outbound links should be done only on clarifying materials on glossaries, dictionaries, and small addition. If readers do not understand the term in an article they want to learn more, and when it turned out the meaning of unknown words will want to continue to study the information. No need to make references to full-scale news articles, then the visitor will not dwell on the reasons cited by the website. So, you have to keep care of all these things. Better, you choose some professionals like SEO Services in Kerala.

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