The Renault Captur: Review

The Renault Captur is a two wheel drive SUV that is aimed at the family car market.

The practical interior of the Renault Captur is just one of the attractive qualities that this car possesses. It also has a five star safety rating and looks stylish. The steering is light and the soft suspension makes it easy to manoeuvre and park. Visibility is good due to the raised driving position. The vehicle does not do so well on the motorway where the small engines become exceedingly noisy and prove to be underpowered. The Captur comes in two specs; the Expression and the Dynamique.

As the car is based on the Clio, you will find that it drives in a similar way. Renault has provided the option of two petrol engines and one diesel. The 1.5 litre dCi diesel give the best combination of performance and economy. Renault has installed a manual transmission which gives smooth changes and this also helps to make the car easy to drive.

The Captur is considerably more comfortable than the Clio due to the raised supple suspension and more robust body. The car absorbs bumps and dips but if you choose the 17 inch alloys it will bounce around. Front seats are very comfortable and the rear ones can be moved back and forth to make extra leg room. The top spec Dynamique is fitted with removable seat covers.

In terms of reliability, there should be no problems with the Captur as all parts and engines are well tried and tested. Renault is working hard to improve its reputation and this is now paying off as the range of cars are now appearing in the customer satisfaction charts. The well constructed interior of the Captur will certainly withstand all that a family can throw at it.

A five star rating for safety should also help to boost sales of this new SUV. The longer body of the car gives more space on the inside where there are deep door bins and lots of cubbies for storage and in the rear the sliding bench means that you can choose more leg room or more boot space. When the seat is pushed back you get 377 litres of luggage space and when it is forward this expands to 455 litres. As far as price is concerned, this model costs around £1,800 more than the Clio and you get more standard equipment.

The car is based on the Clio but is longer and taller so we have produced a new set of car mats to suit the new design. This brand new SUV is being sold as a direct rival to the Nissan Juke and the Vauxhall Mokka.

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