Steps To Follow On How To Claim Insurance!

Steps To Follow On How To Claim Insurance!

Creating or making your assets is definitely considered a good sign of progress in one’s life but protecting the assets or commodities is also one important task that cannot be ignored. Insurance is not limited to only jewellery, home and vehicles, but it can cover almost everything that you can think of may be a commodity, or your own life, health security or travel security, whatever you can think of, almost everything can be covered under the insurance policy.

But what if you do not receive the compensation when required? Either, the incident taking place in certain condition is not covered under the policy or maybe you have not claimed insurance in proper manner. It means, claiming insurance is also an important thing and needs to be done with utmost accuracy.

Steps To Follow On How To Claim Insurance!

Mentioned below are some simple steps on how you can easily claim insurance and get the compensation. The steps are as follows:

1. Report it: This is the very first step and should be done as soon as you are aware of anything being stolen or vandalised. The moment you get to know, immediately inform the police. This is important because most of the policies have time limit for you to report things.

2. Check your policy: Always go through the policy thoroughly to confirm that you’re covered for whatever has happened. After you are sure about the coverage, check if there is any procedure that you need to follow or not.

3. Find all the documents: Keeping all the documents handy makes everything smooth and quick. The documents that you may need include your policy document, receipts for anything stolen or damaged, reference numbers-for example if you filed a police report.

4. Get the facts straight: Be clear about exactly what has happened so that you can tell the story exactly in the same manner without missing any details or exaggeration too. It is advisable to write down the incident. You also need to be sure about the time and dates of the incident that has taken place, details of everyone involved ( example: the other party in car crash, perhaps or the plumber that fixed your burst pipes, etc.) and what you are claiming for as in how much money you expect to get.

5. Bought through a broker? Make a call to them first: When you buy your insurance policy through a broker, they will help you in claiming the insurance mostly. There is a probable chance that they might offer you an advice and support or may be work with your insurance company and get almost everything done for you. Thus, it is better to give a call to your broker than your insurance company.

6. Last, call the insurance company’s helpline number: If you wish to claim on your own, just call the insurance company’s helping number. Usually, this number is mentioned on the policy document and also on the insurer’s website. Keep all the facts and documents ready to give the details that you may be asked for during the telephonic conversation.

Following these simple steps you can go through the process of claiming insurance quite easily and smoothly. In case, you need more information on what you need to do if you wish to claim insurance, just call on Direct Line contact number and speak to the professional customer service staff.

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