Great Things About MMORPG

Social networking is an important element in online activities. The act of playing games can be enhanced with proper use of social networking platforms. Back then, many games were focused only for single players. Because multiplayer sessions have become quite intensive, social media is a tool that can make our playing session more enjoyable. MMORPG is a perfect combination between RPG and elements of social media. Instead of being isolated in their own RPG setting, the interaction with other players can be both numerous and refreshing. World of Warcraft, Everquest, Lineage and Ultima Online are among the best MMORPG platforms available. Many people are able to experience and orgy of entertainment by interacting with one another. NPC with scripted interactions can be quite boring after a few sessions of gaming. Interactions with real person can become a wonderful entertainment for man people. Computer intelligence algorithm often can’t match with the cunning flexibility of real human players. AI is still not able to reach the level of real human intelligence and playing with real human can be really satisfying. However, NPC is still used in many MMORPGs, such as a very powerful NPC boss that can be defeated by multiple real human players. This will allow players to create a typical RPG party, but with real human members. This will make the game to become more realistic and social. There will be less need to fill the void left by typical game playing experience. The relationships in the game can be very real and many players meet in real-life situations.

The explosive growth of Facebook was fueled by the introduction of many casual games that include social interactions with other Facebook members. Game developers are often able to monetize their games, if they are able to establish a huge user base. Some players love to play casual games, while others prefer hardcore, more detailed gameplay. MMORPG could also be found in great number for mobile devices. Touch-based devices may require some modifications in gameplay, but they can be quite exciting. However, with the current proliferation of MMORPG in multiple platforms, we could find that many of them are simply remakes of previous popular games. The storyline and artwork can be modified, but the game mechanics can be mostly identical. This could happen if developers want to save time and money in the development process. However, when the storyline is unique enough, we could still obtain proper gaming experience. When choosing the gaming platform, we should choose a neutral community that’s based on trust. These games should be the place to interact properly with others. The root idea of the storyline should also be unique enough. The same “save the town and kill the beast” plot can be quite tedious after some time. Even so, many players don’t mind getting involved in typical storylines, because they prefer to have intense social interactions with others. The MMORPG platform should also be continuously enhanced and updated. Any reported bug should be fixed swiftly enough, so gameplay won’t be affected too much.

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